Whether you’re looking for love, have found the one, or are escaping the day altogether – your device might be the Cupid’s Arrow you’ve needed all along.

Loved by those in love, hated by everyone else – the Valentine’s Day celebration of romance needs meticulous planning lest you be left without flowers and a dinner reservation. No matter your situation, we’ve found the apps to help you survive it.

For long distance love

Made exclusively for couples (or creepily-close BFFs), Couple is a secure messaging app that lets you send texts, photos, sketches, and more over a secure network (so no one can peer in). It even lets you share things like to do lists and calendar events and broadcast your location so you can keep in sync no matter where you are. Similar long distance relationship app Between offers private photo albums, cute messaging stickers and calendars that can be shared without making your Facebook friends nauseous.

Girl holding phone with love hearts drawn on screen

Could the way to their heart be through your phone?

Of course, if you can’t be together, a video call might be the next best thing. Skype, Google Hangouts, and Facebook Messenger offer quality video call functionality. Instagram and Snapchat still let you send personalised photos and videos to selected individuals, and, if you need to tell the world about it, you can still post a photo to Instagram with #ValentinesDay.

If your loved ones are overseas, don’t forget Vodafone offers up to 1,000 international minutes on selected plans with 12 international countries including Canada, China, New Zealand, the UK, and the USA. And if you’re travelling within our $5 Roaming Destinations, you will get your entire plan allowance every day so you can call back home whenever you like. Your plus-one will appreciate it.

All the singles out there

Searching for the one? Your phone could be the GPS to their heart.

In 2015, the New York Times ran an essay titled ‘To fall in love with anyone, do this’, featuring 36 questions a couple should ask each other before staring into their eyes for 4 minutes to supposedly ‘fall in love’. So popular was the article, they created an app so you can try it out amongst whoever you’re with at the time. It might be a little more involved than a swipe right, but it could help you find the one faster than ever.

In early 2016, app analytics company Applause researched the effectiveness of 97 dating apps (a drop in the ocean), to see which ones were most positively rated for their effectiveness. Among the list was Hinge, which only matches you with your extended social network, Coffee Meets Bagel, which aims for a ‘quality over quantity’ approach to matches, Happn, which shows you a collection of other users who you physically crossed paths with throughout the day (ok, a bit creepy), and not to be outdone, Bumble – a “feminist Tinder” where females have the power of the first message to put control of their dating in their hands.

And if you’re feeling cynical about it, try Hater. It finds you matches based on things you mutually dislike. Perhaps a hatred of Valentine’s Day could be the thing that brings you together!

For those who want to run far, far away

Can’t stand the thought of another Feb 14th? Loved-up couples bombarding your social feeds with their perfectly placed selfies isn’t the way we’d want to spend a night either, but hey, that’s Valentine ’s Day.

You should know by now there’s no shortage of distractions available on your device to get you through the night. Why not kick off with some Virtual Reality via Samsung Gear or Google Cardboard – it will literally put a blindfold on for you where you can play games, watch a movie, or try any number of interactive experiences. We laid out the best ones.

Podcasts continue to go from strength to strength, so check the weekly chart for what is trending now and learn/laugh your way through the evening. Or if you feel like some light reading, Medium and Flipboard take your reading habits and serve you with a bevvy of curated articles.

Say you want to get outside but want to avoid all the couples in your social network: download Cloak – it pulls any shared location data from your friend’s social networks so you can avoid them accordingly. It’s also great for ex-partners if things ended awkwardly!  Alternatively, just order dinner in from UberEATS, Deliveroo, Foodora, or any number of online food ordering services that will deliver directly to your door.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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