Mother’s Day is approaching – the one ‘official’ day to show mothers how much we appreciate them. And what could every parent do with? More time. Here’s a tech-focused guide leveraging the host of new gadgets to save your mum (or mums!) time and make her life easier, in style.

Don’t be late, get an S8

Samsung has released what are arguably their best devices yet. We’ve said it before, but while the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ (from $90 a month with Vodafone) ain’t your grandmother’s Androids; they could be your mother’s. The slim, bezel-less design features a great camera and dual-screening is a breeze. Check out the rest of the features.

Tech for your tech

Nobody likes a dead phone battery, but what if you could conceal it in style? Uncommon Goods provide the perfect solution – a reversible tote bag (from $170) hiding a smartphone-ready battery pack so you can charge on the go. Of course, you could give your on-the-go charging a little more ‘oomph’ with one of the colourful charging creations from Bando (from $42).

Help Mum customise her phone with Casetify (from $60), an online store that sells beautifully unique phone cases and helps you create your own with images from Facebook or Instagram. It’s super simple to use and is the perfect way to keep some of her favourite memories close by.

And when she just needs a bit of peace and quiet, the Bose QC35 II (from $499) provides hours of wireless, noise-cancelling heaven to block out all the sounds you don’t want, and listen to all the tunes you do.

Make it memorable

“I love Instagram, but my kids never see our photos. They refuse to follow me.” – Chatbooks

For every cheesy family photo that mum has made you take at Christmas lunch, there are five more sitting on her phone that just haven’t been printed yet. Chatbooks (from $10) solves that problem, creating beautifully pre-designed photo ‘snapbooks’, shipped to you automatically every time you upload 60 photos from either Facebook, Instagram, or your phone. As they put it in the hilarious promo video, “it’s like getting a magazine subscription to your own life.”  Mum will love it – guaranteed.

Keep things moving

There’s never been a more connected (or fashionable!) time to stay active.

Fitbit continues to innovate the fitness tech space, making the perfect gift for the casual walker all the way through to all-out marathon runners. Its newest product ‘Alta’ (from $250) has senses that detect when you start to exercise, so you don’t even have to turn it on for it to track your steps, heartrate, and personal bests. If you want to add a little extra on top for Mum, you can conceal it in one of their luxury collaborations, including NYC label Public School or a 16k gold bracelet from Tory Burch (from $250).

Sure, buying Mum a new watch is the classic Mother’s Day fallback, but they’ve never been this useful. The Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 Classic (from $200) smartwatch is a perfect Mother’s Day tech gift: not only can it track your fitness, tell you the weather, play music, and pay for your coffee, it can tell the time too. Go figure…

Samsung Gear with Peanuts theme

Source: Samsung

We like the 18k rose gold-plated edition, complete with custom Peanuts theme, because duh.

Make life easier

A good tech gift should make life simpler for the user. Enter the Amazon Echo (from $230), a portable, hands-free Bluetooth speaker that will soon become an all-in-one personal assistant. Running with Amazon’s artificial intelligence program ‘Alexa’, it not only plays music from virtually any source, but can make calls, answer questions, turn utilities on and off, report on traffic, read the weather, call Ubers, or even read you the news. It might just become Mum’s newest bestie. And if she wants to take her tunes on the go, try the smaller Amazon Tap from ($150) Bluetooth speaker as the perfect accompaniment.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is going to completely change the way we cook and eat, but a slew of readily-available kitchen tech is making sure you won’t mess up Mum’s breakfast in bed. For the perfect kitchen gift, we love the Pantelligent (from $285) ‘smart frypan’ with its inbuilt temperature sensor that tells you via app how to cook its thousands of recipes. And while we’re here, the Drop (from $79) connected scale makes baking super-easy by weighing virtually anything from your tablet or phone, automatically changing any proportions between metric and imperial units. And to give it a nice finish, make the kitchen pop with a beautifully designed smartphone vase ($45), or tablet utensil holder ($85) (just don’t forget to bring the flowers).

Kitchen Utensil and Tablet Holder

Source: Uncommon Goods

Whatever you get the mum in your life, make sure you give her a call and let her know you love her. That goes for the rest of the year, too.

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