Vodafone is aware that in many regional communities across the nation, people will continue to rely on 3G to stay connected. That’s why we are committed to keeping our 3G mobile network operational for years to come in support of regional communities.

Vodafone  supports the Government’s intention to guarantee it can purchase 900MHz spectrum at auction later this year. This will assist us in continuing to provide 3G services to those that rely on our 3G network. If we are able to purchase the 900MHz spectrum needed, this will be used to ensure our 3G network’s continuation.

Spectrum is needed to send and receive radio signals between a mobile device and the network, and 900MHz is ideal for providing mobile coverage across large areas and into buildings and homes.

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We believe that a premature shut down of the 3G network would increase the digital divide between regional and urban Australia and could hurt local businesses that still rely on it.

Throughout the advancement of our technology, products and services, we have made it a priority to never forget our customer base and the key services mature technologies, like 3G, continue to offer many customers. Mobile networks are expensive to operate and maintain, but Vodafone is willing to continue making that investment if the spectrum necessary for 3G is available.

The incumbent telco is expected to shut down its 3G network in 2024. If a telco wishes to abandon the 3G network before its full lifespan is up, then that is a commercial decision for them.

But Vodafone believes those mobile carriers still committed to providing 3G services, and all the costs that come with that, should be supported in their efforts to provide quality services for as long as regional consumers and businesses need them.

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