Smartphones are usually our most reliable tool for any tasks on the go, but they’re not always the most convenient. Believe it or not, there are times when your smart watch will actually be more useful than your phone. Here are four scenarios where it pays to have a smart watch…

Going for a run

Wearing a smart watch is not only lighter than carrying your phone, but also, most models can track your run and measure your heart rate so you can push yourself beyond your comfort zone. Plus, with Vodafone NumberSync™ you can stream music directly from your compatible smart watch to your Bluetooth headphones. Since it shares the same data as your phone, there’s no need to worry about pre-downloading your favourite playlist before you take off.

When your phone battery runs out

You’re on your last 8%, there’s no option for a charge, and stress starts to kick in as you switch your phone to flight mode. Well, if you’ve got your compatible smart watch on you, you can take a breath knowing you can still check directions and call a ride – even if your phone is dead. Vodafone NumberSync™ allows you to access the internet via your eligible Vodafone phone plan with or without your phone on, so when your phone does go flat, your smart watch can take its place to organise where you’re meeting up.

Going for a last-minute shop

It can be a pain when you need to pick up a couple of things from the shops, and you don’t want to carry anything with you. Luckily, with a compatible smart watch and Vodafone NumberSync™, you won’t need pockets, because you won’t need your phone. Get notified about last-minute shopping items on your smart watch, and with most having NFC (near-field communication) capabilities, you could pay with your smart watch too. Pants with pockets? Who needs them.

When you’re forgetful

You’re halfway through your commute only to realise you’ve left the house without your phone – we’ve all been there! If you have a habit of being forgetful, keeping a smart watch on you could make your day run a whole lot smoother. Vodafone NumberSync™ allows you to access notifications on your smart watch when you’re away from your phone, so you can be sure you’re on top of any urgent requests. Plus, you’ll feel less lost knowing you can still send and receive emails and messages, right from your smart watch!

Interested in the freedom of being untethered? Find out more about the Apple Watch or call 1300 650 410. With Vodafone NumberSync™ you can access our mobile network for calls, messages and data usage right from your compatible smart watch, even when you’re away from your phone. Share your phone plan and number with Vodafone NumberSync™.

Terms and conditions

Vodafone NumberSyncTM 

Vodafone NumberSync™ Subscription requires eligible handset device (Handset) and OS paired with an eligible eSIM-enabled wearable device (Wearable Device).  Vodafone NumberSync™ has no inclusions. The Subscription grants customer access to share inclusions of the Eligible Plan to which the NumberSync™ is attached to. International roaming are not available. The terms and conditions of your Eligible Plan and our Standard Form of Agreement will apply to your use of our network and access to your Eligible Plan via your NumberSync™. Cancellation of the NumberSync™ subscription is by calling 1555 only. Customer will continue to be charged $5 per month until subscription is cancelled. If subscription is cancelled mid billing cycle, a pro-rata refund for the remainder month in which the subscription is cancelled will be applied to the customer's next bill. Cancellation of your Eligible Plan will automatically cancel your NumberSync™ Subscription. Full terms and conditions at

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