With Father’s Day just around the corner, now is as good a time as any to think about some fun ways to spend time with your dad. Fathers and father-like figures play an important part in our lives – and Father’s Day is your chance to show some appreciation. Connect with dad this Father’s Day by bonding over these fun and engaging apps you or dad can download on a smart phone.

Dad joke app

If you’re a dad with a terrible sense of humour, or if you think your dad could do with some schooling on good comedy, then consider downloading a joke book app. There are a number of joke book apps available on the App Store and the Play Store, loaded with thousands of jokes to lighten the mood. If Dad uses someone else’s jokes, he might finally get a laugh out of you.

DIY levelling tool

A standard tool for those minor DIY renovations many dads love to do around the house is a bubble level tool. There are loads of free apps available to iPhone or Android users that can replace the need for a physical spirit level tool. Next time Dad is doing some renovations, you can help by providing your phone if he’s working on a surface that requires levelling.

Tide and weather app for fishing

Does your dad love fishing, or maybe he is an adrenaline junky with a Jet Ski? Willy Weather is a comprehensive weather app that is perfect for planning a last-minute day out on the water. In Willy Weather you’ll have access to viewing the tide times, weather, moon phases and more.

Tasty app for cooking

If you think your dad could do with expanding on his culinary skills, the Tasty app is a great idea. Tasty app is filled with hundreds of recipes that range in difficulty and preparation time. It’s great for a novice in the kitchen or for a chef extraordinaire who needs some new ideas. Alternatively, you could use it yourself to prepare a winning Father’s Day breakfast for dad.


If all that cooking leads to Dad spending a little too much time in the kitchen or on the couch, then Strava is a great app to inspire a new healthy lifestyle. Available on the App Store and the Play Store, this app has features that can tap into a competitive spirit by sharing your running journey with friends. It also has a sophisticated progress tracker – so you can visualise your improvements. This Sunday on Father’s Day is a perfect time to kick start a new routine.

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