Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to show some love and appreciation for that special person in your life, and in this digital age there are so many new and exciting ways to do it. From designing the perfect card for your valentine, to creating a delicious home cooked masterpiece, your phone can help you through it all. Fall in love with these 5 handy apps that can help make Valentine’s Day extra special – you’ll be floating through it on cloud 9.

Design a personalised Valentine’s day card with Canva

DIY a personal Valentine’s day card that reflects the connection you have with your Valentine. You can upload your own images and add personalised text, or you can use the many images, icons, and templates already available on Canva. Try out a cute pun, or an image that captured a memorable moment of your relationship. Whether you’re a master designer or not, a card you made yourself will have that personal touch that a store-bought card can’t always provide.

Express your feelings through music with Spotify

Create a playlist that expresses your feelings, or simply a playlist of songs you and your partner both love. Putting a lot of thought into a DIY playlist on Spotify is a labour of love, but that effort is part of what makes the gift an extra special one. A playlist is also something that you and your partner can continue to enjoy long after Valentine’s Day is done – it will be the gift that keeps on giving.

Have a special night out with TheFork

TheFork can help you choose a restaurant near you and make a reservation all in one. You can search for a table by cuisine type, restaurant type, ratings, or price – and with over 4,500 restaurants across Australia, you’ll be spoilt for choice. TheFork also releases daily specials so you might score a good deal while booking your Valentine’s date.

Try your hand at a romantic home-cooked dinner with Tasty

If you’re looking for something a little more private than a restaurant date, maybe a romantic home-cooked meal is more your style. You can spice up a home cooked meal by trying a dish that’s new to you or your partner. The Tasty app has plenty of inspiration and recipes for people of varying abilities, so there’s something on there for just about anyone. Better yet, most of their recipes are accompanied by short video tutorials for the visual learners out there – bon appetit!

Do something memorable with Eventbrite

If you want to try and do something unique and memorable on Valentine’s Day, Eventbrite is the perfect app to help inspire some date ideas. Through Eventbrite you can discover upcoming events near you including concerts, festivals, holiday events, exhibitions and more – and you can even book your tickets through the app to keep things simple. If you scroll through nearby events in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, you’ll see what’s happening in your area to make that special day more memorable.

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