Using your phone overseas can often seem like an afterthought once you’ve sorted your flights, accommodation and visa – but we’re here to help with these handy tips, and of course, our awesome $5 Roaming deal! Planning on jet setting any time soon? You’ll want to read up on these 5 mobile tips to remember before you head off…

1. Download these handy mobile apps

Make sure your phone is equipped with these apps designed to make your life so much easier while travelling:

  • Google Maps ™: The must-have app for getting around.
  • TripAdvisor ®: Looking for things to do in the area, or the best places to eat? TripAdvisor ® is your new best friend. You’ll never get stuck with its expert tips.
  • Your bank’s app: Whether you’re using a travel card or credit card when you’re overseas, make sure you have a way of accessing your bank account from home in case you get stuck.
  • Find My Phone: Plan ahead for taking your phone overseas and make sure you install the ‘Find My Phone’ app on Android or ‘Find My iPhone’ app on iOS. The app shows your phone’s location if you lose it, and allows you to wipe the data on your phone so that anyone who finds it won’t have access to your accounts.
  • Google Translate ™: Type in a word you don’t understand and instantly get a translation! Particularly handy for restaurant menus, street signs and train timetables.

2. Get the best mobile roaming deal for you

Want to use your phone plan, even while you’re living it up overseas? Only Vodafone’s $5 Roaming gives you the freedom to use your phone, tablet or mobile broadband for just $5 extra a day in selected countries. That way you can devour, capture and share every fantastic experience without worrying about searching for WiFi! $5 Roaming is available in over 100 countries for up to 90 days per calendar year1. For Unlimited Plans, only Your Max Speed data is included while $5 Roaming.

3. Make sure you’ve got plenty of storage space

If you’ve already got loads of photos and video on your phone – it could be time for a spring clean. You don’t want to be caught out of storage when you’re capturing the perfect moment traveling. Back up everything on your computer, and start out with a clean slate.

4. Try out some cool photography accessories for your phone

Now’s the time to go all out and equip yourself with a selfie stick – or even a fisheye lens for your phone. You could also get a travel sized mini-tripod to fit your phone into and capture the perfect, steady shot of the scenery. Plus, upload your best snaps straight to social media using $5 Roaming1!

5. Don’t get caught out of battery

Bring a battery pack with you for your mobile, so that if you’re out and about for long days, you won’t be caught without phone battery. Just don’t forget to charge the battery pack at night! (And bring a travel adaptor).

With these tips, you should be all set to go. Don’t forget to check out more information on $5 Roaming before you head off – happy travels!

Terms and conditions

$5 Roaming
Countries subject to change, see current list and full details. Available to eligible customers. $5 Daily Charge is in addition to minimum monthly spend. For all postpaid plans, once your included data, Hotspot Data (available on Ultra+ Plans), or Max Speed data (as applicable for your plan) is exhausted, additional data will be automatically added at a charge of $5/GB ($0.005/MB) (“Additional Data”). Additional Data expires at the end of your billing month, is not shareable and can only be used while in $5 Roaming countries. Prepaid services need to add a Prepaid Roaming Add-On. Opt-out at any time, visit My Vodafone or call 1555. All roaming services subject to network availability.

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