The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G* is here and it’s a true refinement for foldable phones. From its foldable screen to its fluid hinge, here are five things we love about this new phone, which you can order from us now.

It transforms from a phone to a tablet

It’s what sets this phone apart. When you need a phone, you’ve got the full front 6.2-inch display, but when you need that bigger screen experience, open up its 7.6-inch display. Plus, its incredible hinge makes opening the Z Fold2 so satisfying.

Flex mode viewing

One of the perks of a hinge that folds and holds at almost any angle is being able to use the phone in new ways. Fold it to use Flex view on the main screen, letting you do things like make a handsfree video call with Google Duo, which will pop the video on the half of the screen facing you, and the controls on the other half, perfect for those work from home calls.

More ways to snap photos

Ensure everyone likes their pose before snapping a group shot. The Galaxy Z Fold2 lets you use both screens to take a photo so you can see a big preview on the main screen, whilst your subjects get a preview on the front screen so they can see what they look like before you snap the picture.

You can even use Flex mode camera to take steady shots from new angles. Fold the screen part of the way, and pop the phone on a flat, still surface to snap photos and record videos without the need for a stand or tripod.

App continuity between screens

Say you’re browsing on the front screen but want the continue on the big screen. Easy, just unfold your Galaxy Z Fold2 to continue right where you left off – app continuity lets you move seamlessly between the two displays.

The ultimate gaming experience

Not only do you have the massive display for your gaming action, you can enjoy silky smooth action on its 120Hz main screen, twice the refresh rate of the first Galaxy Fold.


Interested in getting your hands on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G? Order yours with Vodafone today.

Terms and conditions

*This device is 5G approved and for use on 5G/4G/3G networks in Oz. To access Vodafone’s 5G Network you will need a 5G approved device in a Vodafone 5G Coverage area. 5G is rolling out to selected areas in major cities from mid-2020. See for details.

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