Finding the right plan for your tablet is just as important as finding the right tablet itself. You need a plan that complements your tablet by providing the things you value most - whether that’s how much data you need, being able to link your tablet and phone plans, or any unique privileges that make your plan stand out. We’ll give you the tools to make the right choice with our helpful buyer’s guide.

Handset or SIM only plans

When choosing a tablet plan, the most important factor is whether or not you’ve purchased a tablet. You may already have a tablet but you’re not happy with your current plan, or you may intend to purchase a tablet outright – in either of these situations, choosing a SIM only plan is a must. On the other hand, if you have a tablet in mind and would like to repay the cost over several months, a handset plan will allow you to pay the tablet and plan fees in combined monthly instalments. Generally, handset and SIM only plans won’t differ in terms of price or inclusions, and which plan you decide on will simply be a matter of preference.


Finding a plan with a data amount and data benefits tailored to your needs is actually quite easy. First determine what you plan to use your tablet for. Do you love playing online games or spending every waking moment glued to YouTube? Or are you more interested in using your tablet at home or for offline use? If you think you’re the kind of person who’s always online, you should look for a plan with lots of data. If you’re still worried you’ll chew through your data before the month is up, there are many plans that offer endless data at a reduced speed – so you can continue to enjoy the best parts of having a tablet, without worrying about any excess data fees.

Linking your plan

When choosing a tablet plan you should consider if it’s worth getting a plan on the same account as your phone plan. Some telco providers incentivise having multiple plans under one account by offering discounts on plan fees, and depending on the type of plans, you may be able to share your data between your tablet and phone. It’s a good idea to do some research on your current phone provider to see what perks they offer to users with both phone and tablet plans on the same account. You should also check if there are any sharing restrictions on the type of plan you currently have.

Extra features

Though your main focus when choosing a tablet plan should be on things such as inclusions and contract terms, there are extra plan features that could be the deciding factor between two plans of similar value. Something to be considered is whether you’re able to try out the plan when you first sign up. Maybe after a few weeks you decide your plan isn’t right for you, or the provider you’ve joined has poor network coverage? Some telco providers offer no lock-in contracts or a change-of-mind period in which you can leave your plan and be reimbursed for any costs. Another thing to take into account if you’re a frequent traveller is if it’s possible to use your tablet plan overseas, and if so, how much it costs. If this seems like something you would do regularly, have a look at the provider’s international coverage and rates to ensure you can use your tablet at an affordable price wherever you want.

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