If you find yourself reluctantly scrolling social media for hours during your downtime because you just have nothing better to do, it might be time to consider checking out a few apps that could shake up your spare time. Whether you’re looking for something to do during your commute, looking to fill your lunch break at work, or just getting bored lazing around the house, these 5 apps can help you make the most out of your downtime. In fact, they will turn your downtime into something useful that can train your brain, help you get in touch with your inner self, and expand your general knowledge.


Wish you were more widely read but don’t have the time to power through book after book? Blinksit is an app that gives 15-minute summaries and key insights into over 3000 bestselling nonfiction books. Their book summaries are updated every month to ensure users have access to the latest and most up to date information. You can pick up the latest trends in your industry, or branch into new fields of study (like history, philosophy, and science). You can sync highlights from Blinksit to your Evernote app where you can make notes and solidify new ideas.


Lumosity is one of many brain training apps on the market. This app has dozens of games that improve specific areas of your brain activity: including memory, attention, speed, flexibility, and problem solving. Lumosity gives you insights into your progress as you are training, so you can watch yourself improve. Lumosity has put time into running tests to ensure their games can really lead to improved brain activity in their measurable areas.


Fill your downtime by learning a new language! Duolingo has over 30 languages to choose from including French, Spanish, and German (which are their most popular languages for native born English speakers). It is designed to feel like a game which can help users stay motivated while they learn. Duolingo can help you hone your speaking, writing, and listening skills in your chosen language. You can set goals in the app and watch your progress as you move towards them.


If you want to keep your downtime as relaxing as possible, Headspace might be more suitable for you. It’s not about learning or training your brain to perform better. Headspace is simply about helping you find some time to relax and be in tune with yourself. Hundreds of guided meditation sessions can help you with a number of things from stress, lack of focus, anxiety and more. All you need is your headphones and at least 2 minutes set aside for Headspace to give you a bit of mental rest.


Tasty is an app that will make time fly by watching their short “how to” videos which take you through making a variety of delicious dishes. And it’s a learning experience too! Particularly for those out there who only have a select few meals they know how to cook. Tasty can expand your culinary horizons and help you discover new and exciting easy-to-make meals.

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