Australia’s sights and hidden gems have never looked better than right now, in the Insta-age. There’s a heaped serving of places to be, places to eat, places to see, and places to sleep. Thankfully, specialised apps make searching through this bountiful island a delightful, and delicious experience.

I want to see it all

It’s easy to forget the breadth and diversity of this country: scenic harbours, prehistoric inland seas, tropical islands, and rock formations for days. In an attempt to handily wrap up some highlights, There’s Nothing Like Australia app was launched by Tourism Australia as part of a global campaign to draw visitors to Aus. Beautifully designed and full of inspiring Australian journeys (via personal stories, videos, and images), it provides a comprehensive and often inspired guide to hotspots from The Great Barrier Reef, through The Kimberley, back to Kangaroo Island, and more.

Aspiring to simply create ‘the world’s best travel companion’, Appy Travels might have just nailed it. Their series of apps covers an ever-increasing map of Australia through a combination of guided and crowd-sourced info and tips. Starting out as a guide to the major capital cities, the app’s ‘small fry’ variations cover the likes of Byron Bay, Coober Pedy, Margaret River, and over 35 other destinations with accommodation, restaurants, secrets, and highlights. It’s available completely offline, for when you’re barrelling through low-coverage areas, or on a flight to your next destination.

Apps for campers, drivers, hikers, and climbers

From cruising the Great Ocean Road to hiking Mt. Kosciusko, Australia seems tailor-made for the perfect outdoor trip – the only challenge is finding the one that suits you.

Australian Road Trips is here to help, offering over 40 detailed driving routes including accommodation, eating, and camping options along the way. There’s something for everyone, from rowdy 4WD adventures to family friendly day-trips. Finally, for the ones who prefer it rough and ready, WikiCamps Australia (iOS, Android, $7.49) is a dedicated app for campers and caravan enthusiasts to help you find camping sites in your area. Local fishing spots, hostels, day spots, and driving trails are covered with added recommendations from your fellow travellers.

Cafè culture

The urban coffee quest is no less worthy than traipsing a natural track. While you’re in the big cities, the following resources might help steer your past the bad bacon and egg rolls into a rock solid Aussie breakfast.

For those in Sydney, Sydney Australia Official Guide gives real-time updates on events happening around town, and the Sydney Food Trucks app helps you to locate the nearest fix of Sydney’s mobile hip-eats. Of course, Australia’s self-proclaimed culture capital won’t be left behind. Start your Melbourne tour with ArtsView Melbourne – a visual guide to Melbourne’s art exhibitions, updated monthly. VicHeritage provides a database of historical sites with added walking routes to see it all, while Our City offers similar walking tours developed by The National Trust. For the weird and wonderful, Narelle Harris’ Melbourne Peculiar (iOS, Android, $3.79) offers a guide to over 100 of Melbourne’s bizarre and lesser-seen destinations from bookstores to cemeteries.

Custodian of the coveted ‘Chef’s Hats’, the Australian Good Food and Travel Guide wines and dines you through the country’s major cities and destination small towns. It uses your location to showcase the finest food and coffee offerings in your local area with some serious hotel, winery, and bar finds along the way. It’s essentially Australia’s version of the Michelin guide, so many of the places will require a healthy budget. If you’re committed to living the good life, this is your go-to.


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Tanya Phull

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Tanya Phull,
Head of Social Media

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