Once a ‘small fish’, today A W Edwards is a leading privately owned Australian construction and fitout business that has operated continuously for more than 95 years.

When you’re a commercial construction company with over 250 employees – the majority of which critically rely on their mobile phones while working at numerous locations – it can be difficult to respond immediately to multiple service issues without the assistance of your telco.

Fortunately, for the last four years, A W Edwards has been receiving the help from their own Personal Vodafone Account Manager and honorary teammate, Ian Keith, who assists the construction firm whenever they need help.

A W Edwards IT Manager Martin Bjorke, describes the free service as a new incentive that differentiates Vodafone from other telecommunication providers. While often reserved for ‘big business’ clients at the top end of town, Vodafone provides this free service to all business customers with ten or more connections. With Vodafone, your business is a ‘Very Important Business’, no matter the size.

“I wouldn’t go anywhere else. In terms of value for money it’s obviously a case by case basis however, for me, it’s unmatched”.

From a day-to day perspective, Martin says that having a Personal Vodafone Account Manager as part of Vodafone’s ReadySupport like Ian is a “huge time saver.”

“We like the fact that when we send an email request to Vodafone we receive notification confirming that the request has been logged and it gets actioned within a few days. If something is urgent, Ian can prioritise it for immediate action,” he said.

Martin also mentions if Ian is unavailable, there are other Account Managers available to assist.

“It’s a pleasure to deal with Ian, and the other account managers because they are real people located in Australia, and not someone at an overseas call centre; you get prompt and efficient service from Vodafone” he adds.

However, this wasn’t always the case.

Martin says prior to being introduced to Ian, the A W Edwards network connections were handled through a reseller, which made it slow to get things done. Since making the switch over to Vodafone, the response time to requests is now “a lot faster”; particularly in recent times where the company has had significant increased telecommunications requirements.

“Not only has Ian has been helping out with signing up new accounts, he has ensured that our numerous hardware dispatch orders always arrive in a timely manner”.

The A W Edwards experience with Vodafone is not uncommon. At Vodafone, we know that personalised service is critical to business. That’s why we offer dedicated business specialists and local service; as well as Personal Account Managers, like Ian Keith for businesses such as A W Edwards.

“I have enjoyed building a relationship with the team at A W Edwards to the point where I can anticipate their needs and continually exceed their expectations,” Ian says.

“Martin and his team are great to work with and I am proud that he acknowledges that our service is the best they have received from any telco.”

At Vodafone, we know that personalised service is critical to small businesses. That’s why we offer dedicated Business Specialists, Local service, and Personal Managers for businesses with ten or more connections.

We’ll give your small business the kind of TLC you give your customers, because we know that’s what SMEs need from their telco to succeed.

Find more about A W Edwards at awedwards.com.au

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Kelli Gale

Head of Retail Marketing, Brand and Communications

Kelli Gale,
Head of Retail Marketing, Brand and Communications