For seasoned Uni pros, O-week usually means collecting campus freebies and perfecting the art of the two day timetable. For fresh students however, O-Week is a lot more: moving to a new city, adjusting to a new way of working, and living independently whilst keeping your grades at a respectable average. Never fear: your phone is here to help!

Surviving the first week

Navigating a strange campus on a timetable is tough enough at the best of times, but doing it with the aftermath of nightly O-Week festivities is especially arduous. Lost On Campus can help you out, with maps of 42 Australian universities available on your phone. For additional assistance, Timetable lets you map your timetable and store it on your phone, to help remind you that no, your tute is on at 3, not 4pm.

Looking for a place to hang out post tute? Consult CitySearch or Timeout to uncover the hidden gems, music nights or cool bars if you’re new in town. If your wallet is feeling lighter after textbook fees, try The Happiest Hour – a list of all happy hour specials across Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne.

Study smarter

Having a phone go off during a class can be embarrassing, in an exam – disastrous. Download Studious to silence it automatically when you’ve got a scheduled lesson. It can also remind you when assignments and tasks are due, and even store your tutor’s name. Shutting down that Facebook page and starting up that first essay can be tough, but SelfControl for iOS (or StayFocusd for PC) should overcome your procrastinating side. They work by setting blocks on websites for a time of your choosing. Once the block is set, no action can undo it until the set time runs out. No excuses!

For studying itself, iStudiez Pro helps you track and plan your assignment progress. It also syncs with all your devices and comes with a grade calculator. When you’re finishing up on the essay, pick up EasyBib. It’ll save you hours of time, as unlike other referencing websites, all the input you need to give to generate a reference in a variety of styles is a scan of the barcode or cover. Boom, reference list done.

Keeping fit and healthy

With all the extra responsibility that lands on your plate with university, it can become difficult to maintain your good health. However, it’s essential to maximise your performance and mood. At least half an hour of exercise is recommended five times a week, but if assignments and deadlines are squeezing your time, try 7 Minute Workout. It’s an app that guides you through a brief but effective interval-style training session. Scientists found as little as 7 minutes of hard work can elicit the same benefits as a jog or cycle. Doesn’t 7 minutes sound like the perfect length for a study break?

Moving out of home and providing meals for yourself can be intimidating. If that’s the case, Mealboard App might quickly become your best friend in the kitchen. Within the app, you can browse recipes online, import them into the app, generate a shopping list, plan your meals and keep track of your ingredients so you know when stocks are low. Combine it with MyFitnessPal to monitor how many kilojoules you’re eating to avoid the infamous “Freshman 15” and stay at your best.

Making cents of your bank account

Rent, food, textbooks, bills – suddenly things can get pretty expensive. To help track expenditure and manage your money, PocketBook links with your bank account and monitors your cash in-flow and out-flow, sending you reminders when you spend over your budget for the week. And for combined bills, Splittable helps you divide bills between housemates. It tracks house expenses and monitors who’s paid and how much. Save the front of your fridge for photos, not gas bills.

With all the change going on, it’s pretty hard to fit in time to think about your future finances or investments. New app Acorns aims to take the stress of investing off your hands. It works rounding up to the dollar all your transactions, then taking the cents and investing them in a passive fund that’s diversified across the share market. So that 50c from your coffee goes into your investment fund, and starts doing work on making you richer. One consideration – Acorn is a passively managed portfolio. That means it will follow the stock market, whether it goes up or down.

Remember, heading to Uni doesn’t need to be stressful, so use your phone wisely and concentrate on the more important things in life, like free BBQs!

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