As a customer on the hunt for a new mobile phone plan, it sometimes feels as if you’re overwhelmed by choice. There are numerous phone plans to choose from between the different mobile service providers. To help you narrow down options, we’ve compiled a list of key things to consider when choosing a mobile phone plan.

Plan with a phone or SIM only plan

First things first, plan with a phone or SIM only? If you already have a phone that you’re happy with, SIM only plans are perfect for you. But if you’re looking to buy a new phone, purchasing one with a phone plan may allow you to pay for your phone via regular instalments during your contract as opposed to buying it outright. Some providers will offer interest-free repayments on your phone as well. As well as this, some mobile service providers offer discounts on a phone’s RRP when you sign up to a plan with them.


For many of us, data is the primary concern when signing up to a new plan. Whether you’re streaming Netflix on your daily commute or checking up on your social media, data tends to get used up surprisingly quickly. For those who usually go over their included amount, a plan with infinite data might be your best bet, otherwise you’ll be charged an overage fee. When you choose this sort of plan, you’ll get to access infinite data once you’ve finished up the included data within your plan. Your infinite data will be throttled at a speed that is slower than your included plan data.

Calls and text

It wouldn’t be much of a phone plan if you weren’t able to call and text. Those who enjoy long phone conversations or texting throughout the day should sign up to a plan with unlimited calls and texts to avoid extra charges. The majority of phone plans nowadays offer standard unlimited calls and texts within Australia. However, if you regularly call overseas numbers, it’s a good idea to have a plan that also includes international calls and texts. Don’t forget to check what countries you are able to contact with your included international calls and texts too.

Added perks

Now that you’ve got the basics taken care of, you can focus on the fun stuff. What are the added perks of signing up to your particular plan? This could include things like being able to share data between different plans, getting discounted plan fees when you sign up to multiple plans, cheap international roaming fees or a network trial. While these might not be as essential as your core plan inclusions, they can certainly save you some money over time.


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Tara Fernandez

Digital Copywriter and Content Producer

Tara Fernandez,
Digital Copywriter and Content Producer

With a background in creative content writing, Tara is a skilled copywriter on the Vodafone Digital Content Team. She is experienced in editing and social media, and has a passion for travelling and playing pool terribly.