Last week, we showcased a variety of exciting Internet of Things (IoT) technologies on our stand at CeBIT Australia 2018, the business technology event of the year. For the uninitiated, the Internet of Things is a network of billions of physical objects that are all connected to each other via the internet. These objects are embedded with sensors or software that enables them to collect and share data, creating a connected ecosystem and endless opportunity.

As a global leader in IoT, Vodafone is passionate about working with Australian businesses to develop and implement IoT solutions to help transform their business. With full support of Vodafone’s dedicated, global IoT team, the possibilities are certainly exciting!

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the many unique ways our network is being used to solve business challenges with IoT tech…

Meet the tracking tool that helps you keep an eye on your pets

Pod 3 by Pod Tracker is a small tracking device using multiple technologies that help you find and protect your pets using the Pod Tracker app, anywhere in the world with mobile reception. The stylish device has a built-in Vodafone Global IoT Sim and can help find even the most seasoned escape artist. Whether it’s finding your dog that’s escaped the house, or monitoring where your cat disappears to throughout the day, Pod Trackers can help you make sure your pets can be found and kept safe. A special guest, Fraggel, even joined us on the stand to help show us how the device works!


A connected hard hat that helps track the safety of construction workers

The NGD-one wearable device is transforming work environments around the world and improving safety by automatically connecting teams in the industrial sector to a network, and providing real-time information about location and safety incidents. The connected sensor is located on workers’ helmets, which provides data on check in/out location, helmet use, heart rate, impacts, and thermal stress via a live dashboard, all powered by Vodafone’s IoT network. That way, managers can keep an eye on the safety of their employees, using data to improve their practices and avoid future potential hazards in often dangerous work environments.

Hard hat IoT

Connect your home with Smartlink+ by Securenet

Smartlink+ is an all-in-one interactive security, video and smart home application that provides customers with complete remote control of their connected home. For instance, this can include interactive security, video monitoring, and home control (eg. temperature, lights, locks). This provides a simple, connected experience for using electronic devices within your home.

Smartlink+ by Securenet

Keep track of fridge temperature with the CCP sensor

CCP Technologies Limited has created a smart IoT sensor that captures temperature and other data in controlled refrigeration environments as a foundation for delivering sophisticated business intelligence, alert notifications, compliance verification and reports. The technology is particularly useful for businesses with industrial fridges (such as commercial kitchens or retailers). For instance, CCP’s customer, Country Valley Milk, use the IoT sensor in their milk fridges – it provides real time data via a live dashboard, and this communication is facilitated by the Vodafone network.

The exciting applications of NB-IoT

Vodafone’s Narrowband-IoT network can be used to connect ‘things’ like boats, street lights and waste bins more cost effectively and in remote locations. On our stand, we showcased the Multisensor by Oysta to demonstrate real-time monitoring of environmental changes, including temperature, movement, smoke and moisture, using the power of Narrowband-IoT. The different metrics can then be monitored using a dashboard through an app. Oysta is a Vodafone Global IoT partner, providing both security and health solutions powered by Vodafone connectivity.

NB-IoT sensor

Vodafone IoT can power your business

If you want to take your IoT product around the world, then Vodafone is the only IoT global provider, which means one Vodafone solution, agreement and service to help your business build scale.

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