Studio & Production Manager Chris Hands has worked at quite a few places in his time, but none have been quite like Vodafone. We ask him about what he does, and what work life is like at Vodafone. Check out where your career could go with us.

What do you do here at Vodafone?

Primarily I manage the Artworking team in the Retail Marketing Studio. Anything Vodafone-centric that’s printed to appear in store has gone through retail marketing. For us the devil’s in the detail – using our varied technical expertise, the team takes a creative concept or design and crafts it to something our printers can use to create tangible printed visual merchandise, through image manipulation, print specifications and typographic treatments.

Our design work is precise in the function that it needs to serve. We translate what could be quite technical (a cost structure or the specifications of a device) into something that you can look at and think, “This is exactly what I need. Can I get this phone?” It’s translating sales and telco jargon into something an everyday person can understand.

What is work life like here?

It’s really good, it has a great culture. In terms of age range, we’re a bit more senior to the campaign managers, but that just creates that good balance and a bit of banter. You get the young guns in campaign management poking the old bears in the studio and it creates that good sense of comradery.

I’m a parent, I’ve got two young kids, and the work life balance is superb. I’ve worked in number of advertising agencies prior to this, and going home on time was the exception not the rule. I’d be phoning my wife, “I’m coming home on time!” At Vodafone it’s like, job’s done, go home to your family now. Vodafone talks a lot about the work-life balance, but for a company to really breathe the ethics that it promotes, I’ve never experienced that before now.

What’s one of your best things about working here at Vodafone?

The charity days. In my time here, I’ve had two charity days, and they’ve been quite profound in their effect on me. It really makes you appreciate what you’ve got and brings into perspective how lucky you are to come to work every day. You might be stressing about font sizes and ink weights but then you go out and see something like that and you think, “you know what? I love my job. It’s great.”

This year we went to Wayside Chapel in Kings Cross. Just meeting the team and checking out their operation was a huge eye opener. They’re a drop-in centre – they’ve got a café and a kitchen but they also offer clothing donations. If you’re sleeping rough on the streets, you can go in and have a shower or freshen up. Interacting with some of the guests and team there really makes you appreciate what you’ve got. I’ve never worked anywhere that supports that ethic, so it’s good.

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