Although lockdown restrictions in Australia seem to be easing up, the holiday season will no doubt look a little different this year. Particularly for those of us who are either at greater risk of coronavirus or have loved ones at risk, it’s important to keep safe during the end of year celebrations. Here’s how to entertain your family and friends at home this holiday season.

Log on to a virtual game

Instead of blowing the dust off the ancient board games in your spare cupboard, why not try a few games online? There’s plenty of games out there to please every family member. Let the creative juices flow with a few rounds of Drawful 2. Similar to Pictionary, this internet-based game can be launched onto a TV via a computer or console, and then players can connect to the game via their own devices, such as a mobile or tablet. For more virtual fun, check out Ellen DeGeneres’ app Psych. Our favourite game on here is ‘And The Truth Comes Out’, in which players have to write their own answers to questions about other players, like “What’s the last thing Mum googled?”. Perfect for families fond of poking fun at each other!

Stream your favourite festive movies

There’s no such thing as watching a holiday movie too many times. And courtesy of subscription streaming, you can rewatch your favourites right from your very own living room. Stream classics like Love Actually (Stan), Christmas with the Kranks (Stan) and The Holiday (Netflix). There’s plenty of options to occupy the kids too, including Home Alone (Disney+), The Nightmare before Christmas (Disney+) and The Grinch Stole Christmas (Netflix). And if you’re looking to shake things up, check out some newer holiday flicks like Last Christmas (Amazon Prime), The Princess Switch (Netflix) and Let It Snow (Netflix).

Cook up a storm

Cooking together is a great way of keeping busy, plus you also get to eat something at the end.  If you don’t have any recipes that spring into mind, head to YouTube where you’ll find millions of cooking tutorials at your fingertips. You can take professional direction from seasoned chefs like Gordon Ramsey and Nigella Lawson or simply browse through the many aspiring channels created by YouTuber chefs. Film enthusiasts should head to the Babish Culinary Universe channel. In his Binging with Babish series, YouTuber Andrew Rea recreates famous dishes from film, television and video games. And yes, that includes Rachel’s Thanksgiving trifle from Friends!

Spread the goodwill

This time is often referred to as the season of giving, but how do you spread goodwill while keeping socially distanced? Donating is one of the most effective ways to help out and most charities accept online donations, meaning you don’t even have to leave your home to help those in need. If you don’t have much spare cash, there are other ways to help out. For example, you could jump onto Freerice. On the website, players are given a multiple choice quiz game. Every correct answer donates 5 grains of rice via the United Nation’s World Food Programme, so you’ll educate yourself as you help those in need.

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Tara Fernandez

Digital Copywriter and Content Producer

Tara Fernandez,
Digital Copywriter and Content Producer

With a background in creative content writing, Tara is a skilled copywriter on the Vodafone Digital Content Team. She is experienced in editing and social media, and has a passion for travelling and playing pool terribly.