IoT devices are not only giving companies real time information and more precise monitoring, they have the potential to save you money. But with the rapid evolution of technology, you want to make sure your IoT device is future-proof.

Enter the EC1100, an IoT modem that can connect your Utility meters directly to Vodafone’s 4G network. Here’s 5 reasons why the EC1100 is the device you need to future-proof your IoT service.

It runs on 4G

With changing technologies, it’s more important than ever to transition your IoT devices to 4G. The EC1100 runs on our 4G LTE network, which means your IoT devices will stay connected as mobile networks evolve in the coming years.

Small and mighty

With a robust micro-fit 8 connector, the EC1100 is versatile, hardy and compact. Measuring in at just 80mm long, it’s able to be easily fitted to most Utility meters. Plus, being operational in temperatures ranging from -35deg C to 75deg C, this device is made to withstand extremely testing conditions.

Push updates over-the-air

Worried about keeping the device up to date? Rest easy knowing you can update the EC1100 over-the-air, meaning you don’t have to send someone out to manually update each device – just roll it out from your business’s headquarters. With our Software Development Kit, you can also pop your own custom firmware and applications on the devices, or update it with Vodafone’s latest enhancements too – your choice.

Just plug and play

We know it’s a hassle to set up the same device with the same meter the same way each time. That’s why we’ve made it simpler with the EC1100. Just plug it directly into your meter and it will automatically detect what sort of meter it’s plugged in to – no need to manually configure them. Plus, we’ve made it even easier with an embedded SIM, saving your company time and money during the installation.

Global access

Vodafone is still the only mobile carrier in Australia to offer a one stop IoT shop, with one global contract, using one global network and 640 partners. No need to establish contracts with international telcos for your IoT product – do it all with Vodafone.

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Terms and conditions

4G available with a 4G device, and plan with Vodafone Alerts. 4G in selected cities in Australia. Use our network coverage checker here to find out where 4G is available.

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