Recently, I updated my LinkedIn profile to say I was now a cancer researcher. I want to thank all those people who emailed me, to make sure I was not being hacked... I want to thank those that contacted me, saying they were sorry to see me leave Vodafone... I want to also thank those people that asked how they could apply for my job!

But – news flash – I am not leaving Vodafone.

Instead, I am participating in the best philanthropic cause I have ever been involved with. I am so proud to work for a company that has lead an initiative that requires no monetary donation, but does so much to fight the big fight against the big C.

Cancer affects all of us. Whether you are personally impacted or your loved ones have been, we’ve all felt its devastating effects in some way. With so many of us affected by cancer, finding answers through medical research is incredibly important.

Luckily, now anyone with a smartphone can put their phone to work, with the DreamLab app to help fight cancer – while they sleep.

So, what is DreamLab?

The DreamLab app from the Garvan Institute of Medical Research and the Vodafone Foundation uses your smartphone’s computing power to solve cancer research problems faster.

The app combines the processing power of your smartphone with other app users to form a ‘supercomputer’ and works to solve cancer problems while you sleep. You simply turn on the app before you go to bed and the app will use your phone’s data to process research problems.

The best part? Mobile data to use the DreamLab app is free for Vodafone customers. But for those not on Vodafone (you should be on Vodafone!), DreamLab absolutely still works. It uses a very small amount of data, which you can control the amount of data it uses, from as low as 50 MB a month. So for those not on Vodafone, do not worry, it still works!

The more people that use the app, the faster it works. And the faster we can fight cancer.

Read more about how DreamLab works.

How can you get involved?

I really want everyone in my network to know about this amazing app and I hope you’ll join me along with celebrities, politicians, CEOs and – most importantly – everyday Australians, as we take on the nightshift to start #OurDreamJob today. Together, we can help solve cancer research problems faster.

If you would like to show your support, just follow these three simple steps:

1.     Download the DreamLab app on iOS from the App Store or on Android from Google Play , and start fighting cancer tonight.

2.     Update your LinkedIn job title to ‘Cancer Researcher at DreamLab app’

3.     Invite your friends, family, and colleagues to do the same!

Together, we are more powerful. So raise your voice, download the app and help fight cancer tonight, with DreamLab.

Come on, please take three minutes now to download the app and start being a cancer researcher at DreamLab app.

Find out more about DreamLab here:

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Ben McIntosh

Chief Commercial Officer

Ben McIntosh,
Chief Commercial Officer

As Consumer Business Unit Director at Vodafone, Ben is one of Australia’s foremost telco thought leaders with a strong background in retail. Ben is deeply passionate about freedom and choice, and about challenging the status quo for our customers.