Cloud storage, real-time collaboration, productivity, virtual automation -- it’s easy to think Dropbox has all your cloud needs covered. But wait -- there’s more…

Opening up their services to third party developers has allowed for a huge range of creative applications to suit even the most specific of business needs.

Collaborate from anywhere

Collaboration is Dropbox’s trump card, allowing teams to work together from different cities or even countries. Collaborating with Microsoft Office, Dropbox has integrated an entire suite of programs so you can edit any document right from your browser – no installation necessary. A similar partnership with creative powerhouse Adobe allows for instant editing of PDFs sent via Dropbox through Acrobat – handy for the roughly 18 billion PDF documents stored on Dropbox right now. A collaboration with business communication unicorn Slack means any imported files you send to a colleague can automatically be pulled from the most recent release and uploaded into Dropbox – so your team is always on the same page.

Boost your creativity

Today’s data-driven content formats require tonnes of space, and Dropbox has opened up seemingly limitless capacity to hold it for you. High-quality video service Vimeo offers simple and scalable hosting for your videos over Dropbox, so you can go from a multi-team edit to publishing in a matter of minutes. One of the largest libraries of stock imagery, iStock can automatically save any purchases to Dropbox, while web and mobile design teams will adore the instant saving options from creative developer program InVision.

The file view of Dropbox has a purposely-simple aesthetic for generic word documents and spreadsheets, while photos and audio files can require a more dynamic view. Try out Filesboard – it works as a ‘Pinterest for Dropbox’ to organise all your images into neat little columns (it’s optimised beautifully for mobile too!).

In check

Dropbox-integrated apps streamline work processes and increase productivity for the nitty-gritty business specifics. Business accounting software Xero owes itself not just to a clean, user-friendly layout, but also to forward-thinking Dropbox integration, meaning accountants can access records wherever they are. Likewise, Salesforce CRM uses Dropbox to sync files across teams to get the most out of customer services, whilst workflow management programs like Asana and Trello are all utilising Dropbox to ensure effective project management to get your ideas off the ground.

Dropbox also offers a host of add-ons to ensure data and identity security across larger teams. Single sign on apps like Onelogin and Okta have all moved to cloud-access so you don’t have to re-insert 100 passwords on each new device you use. Docusign lets you sign and send documents direct from your mobile, with cloud-based integration so you can find and sign the most recent version of an available document (this is a substantial benefit for document-centric industries like law).

These are just a few of the opportunities third party apps present for Dropbox users, with thousands more built to help absolutely anyone. How will your business adapt?

Fast tips

  1. Use integrated apps to launch your products, from multi-location edits to final publishing
  2. Integrating with business-centric programs can boost your analytics, save on productivity and allow you to store insights for easy access
  3. Use what’s right for you – you may not need cloud-based data migration, but document processing on the go could be super handy to your team

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