There’s no hiding it, emojis have well and truly infiltrated traditional language and are now part of everyday communication. Plus, with the Unicode Consortium announcing a new emoji update, we will soon witness the arrival of 157 new emojis to our screens, which for some can even mean finally being able to express their sense of identity in emoji form.

The fact that emoji is used so often in our daily lives show how far it has progressed since its introduction to our smartphones. In fact, the icons are so integrated into our user behaviour that a recent study by TalkTalk found that 72% of 18 to 25-year-olds said they found it easier to communicate their feelings in emoji icons rather than text.

In celebration of World Emoji day rolling around for another year, we’ve taken a look at some of the updates that are set to impact our lives most, and more importantly, what lies in store for the future of these emotive yellow faces that help illustrate our daily lives. Plus, learn more about our exclusive student offers so that you can get the most out of your phone plan and use emojis to your heart’s content!

1. Helping celebrate diversity

As we have seen in past emoji updates, diversity and variety is a major theme. For instance, Emoji introduced different coloured skin tones in 2014, and most recently introduced representation for the red, white and curly-haired communities in June 2018.

Human diversity isn’t the only focus though, with the addition of kangaroos, parrots, badgers and even mosquitoes! This has been heralded as a huge success by malaria campaigners, who believe a “mosquito emoji will give health professionals a quick way to communicate with the public about the presence of mosquitoes, and allow researchers to promote their work around mosquito-borne diseases more easily via social media.”

However, it’s not just the new emojis that are getting people talking. Google has been updating old emojis in an effort to improve inclusion and diversity. This was highlighted on Twitter with the unveiling of a new-look salad emoji, which has lost its hard-boiled egg to make it a ‘more inclusive’ vegan salad!

2. Adding more personalisation through AR technology

Another major announcement in the field of emojis are the likes of Samsung’s AR emoji and Apple’s newly announced Memoji, which allows users to create their own personal emojis by replicating their own identities with AR and allowing users to customise different features. This step forward allows users to virtually represent their own identities, moods and personalities, instead of relying on an emoji to best represent them.

3. Further integration of emojis into technology

 As we continue to embrace emojis, the integration of the language will further influence our daily lives. In fact, both Windows and Google announced last month that they were making changes to ensure greater accessibility for the language on Windows 10 and Chrome browsers. For instance, Google intends to incorporate the language automatically in the right click sub-menu of Google Chrome, as spotted by 9to5Google.

Google Chrome emoji feature

At this stage, we can only imagine what the future holds for the humble emoji. Online petitions continue to advocate for new addition, and research is taking place into how emojis can be more useful in real-world uses, such as communicating natural disasters. Dr Sara K. McBride states that “Emojis play an important role in communication because not everyone speaks the same language” and that “images, like emojis, can be easier to understand for people, particularly people who are upset by an earthquake.” The hope is that the inclusion of the earthquake emoji will help better communicate warnings across the platforms we have today.”

No matter what direction the evolution takes, it is clear to see that emoji will be a cornerstone of the way younger generations interact and communicate around the world.

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