How much does your household rely on an internet connection for its entertainment needs? Whether it's participating in an online game or watching the latest binge-worthy TV series on Netflix, plenty of everyday activities now require a steady and fast internet connection. And using 5G for home internet can provide you with just that — a modem that can meet your entertainment needs.

5G television viewing features less lag time

If there are multiple people using the internet in your home, the 5G modem can operate with a maximum of 64 compatible Wi-Fi enabled devices at any one time. So, whether you’re watching a Netflix series or participating in an online game, 5G can help deliver data at fast speeds, so you can enjoy viewing your content without waiting for it to load and buffer.

Gaming at speed becomes possible

Pushing 5G TV services to one side for a second, it’s worth considering how this type of connection affects gaming. Thanks to its fast download and upload speeds, it can potentially help with a better gaming experience. Whether you love to spend hours battling against Candy Crush or you’re a proficient multiplayer platform gamer, using 5G in your home can allow you to enjoy your favourite pastime at pace. It also comes with low latency, making it easier for you to participate in real-time games online.

Your phone can act as a 5G Smart TV

5G Smart TV is about much more than connecting your usual set or devices to 5G home Wi-Fi. As Vodafone’s 5G Network is progressively being rolled out to selected areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra and Perth, everyday TV can be broadcasted to mobile devices that have 5G capabilities. Offering a truly immersive and streamlined experience, one genre that can no doubt benefit from this advancement is sports broadcasting.

Enhancing virtual reality

While virtual reality allows you to immerse yourself in a game as though you’re there, augmented reality blends real-world experiences with virtual ones. Both AR and VR require a lot of graphics that generally command significant access to data at fast download speeds. They need these graphics in order for users to feel as though they’re truly experiencing another world. You’ll enjoy a real sense of escapism from the comfort of your own home.

Upgrade your home entertainment system today

From making sure your favourite show doesn’t buffer to exploring other worlds with amazing realism, 5G can transform how you entertain yourself at home. If you have coverage in your area, there’s never been a better time to invest in 5G home internet.

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