Vodafone places a strong priority on resilience in its mobile network design and construction.

In the majority of cases during the 2019-2020 bushfire season the cause of Vodafone mobile service outages was loss of mains power to telecommunications infrastructure, rather than direct fire damage to sites.

This affected mobile base stations as well as impacting transmission links to downstream mobile base stations. Wherever possible, Vodafone deploys temporary portable coverage and power solutions to sites during power outages.

Vodafone has been awarded funding under the Commonwealth Government’s Strengthening Telecommunications Against Natural Disasters (STAND) program to improve our mobile network resilience by deploying additional temporary portable coverage and power solutions to sites impacted by natural disasters, including bushfires.

The project will assist Vodafone to add to its existing fleet with the purchase of:

– Portable Cells on Wheels (COWs);

– Ultra-portable COWs (also known as CALFs); and

– Portable generators.

A Cell on Wheels (COW)

Vodafone has also been awarded funding to provide longer lasting battery backup power for its mobile base stations built under Rounds 1 and 2 of the Mobile Black Spot Program. This infrastructure investment will keep sites online if mains power is lost, such as in a natural disaster event, and help keep communities connected when they need it most.

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