With Father’s Day just around the corner, you might be wondering if your dad would love something a bit less predictable than a hardware store voucher or a box of chocolates. With so many exciting and diverse tech gadgets on the market, this could be the perfect opportunity to introduce your dad to something that ignites his creativity and speaks to his interests. Here is our list of the latest gadgets that will win over your dad this Father’s Day.

For the music-loving dad:

Sonos One

Whether your dad is a diehard Bon Jovi fan, a classical music enthusiast or a country music guru, filling the house with his preferred jams is a sure-fire way to score points with the old man. Whether you’re an audiophile or not, no sound system has made as much of an impact in seamless multi-room sound-tech as Sonos, and the Sonos One is no exception.

Praised for its high definition sound quality, stylish design and intuitive quick-connection ability with other Sonos speakers, the Sonos One is your ticket to filling the house with the tunes from your dad’s favourite artists.


For the photography enthusiast dad:

Sony Alpha A6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera 24.3MP Camera

So your old man has mastered the intricacies of smartphone camera technology – he’s snapped sharp, high-definition action shots of birds in the backyard, artsy black-and-white chaise lounges and heart-warming family moments. Heck, he’s even conquered Instagram filter technology. Now is the time to take his photography to the next level.

For dad’s looking to advance their natural photography talents, the Sony Alpha A6000 is an outstanding digital camera, with a high-quality 24-megapixel sensor, a 16-50mm kit lens, and superfast autofocus abilities. Best of all, it works well in high or low light, so your dad can capture every important moment. One of the advantages of mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras like the Sony Alpha is that your dad can upgrade his kit by buying new lenses as his passion and aptitude for photography evolves.


For the adventurous dad:

DJI Spark Portable Mini Drone

It’s no secret that the tech enthusiast dads out there are all itching to get their hands on a drone – whether for aerial shots of the great wilderness while camping, sunsets over the sprawling urban metropolis at home, or for giving those nosey neighbours a taste of their own medicine.


The DJI Spark combines the outstanding technology of a powerful lens for photos and video, and the intuitive ability to be controlled by your dad’s smart phone or even hand gestures. This solid entry-level drone is perfect for first-time owners with enhanced features that challenge high-end models, but an affordable price.


For the film buff dad on-the-go:

Anker Nebula Capsule Projector

For the dad that loves to enjoy his favourite movies in high definition wherever he is, whether camping, traveling or at home, the Nebula Capsule is the perfect gift. This soda-can sized projector has an inbuilt battery and is highly portable and powerful with USB and HDMI inputs to play his most-loved movies, TV or YouTube. It also has Airplay to stream online content from your favourite entertainment apps.


For the fitness-loving (or fitness-aspiring) dad:

Apple Watch Series 5

The latest Apple Watch has a multitude of health and fitness tracking capabilities, as well as the ability to use its functions even when your phone isn’t on you. The simple ‘always on’ display means your dad can easily access all of his fitness and health activities with easily and instantly. The Apple Watch Series takes a record of your daily steps, exercise activities, sleep patterns and other key metrics to build a comprehensive health and fitness profile – and the 18-hour battery life means your dad doesn’t have to worry about recharging through the day.


For the budding chef dads:

The AeroGarden

The innovative, modern and stylishly sleek Aerogarden is a miniature, dirt-free indoor garden that uses hydroponics to grow any veggies and herbs. This mini botanical haven can grow almost anything from snap peas to cucumbers and capsicums, even thyme, coriander, basil – any herb your dad’s heart desires. Using energy-efficient LEDs which turn on and off, as well as feed and water reminders to help you keep on top of everything, the Aerogarden is low-maintenance and invaluable for the budding chef dads out there.

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Jesse Brand

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Jesse Brand,
Digital Copywriter

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