Mobile phones have gone through many incarnations since their introduction back in the 1980s. From something resembling a brick to the sleek devices we use today, mobile phones have changed their image so frequently to capture the public’s imagination. But with the recent introduction of foldable technology, are foldable phones the future? Keep reading to find out more.

Adding functionality to retro style

Folding phones are just as their title suggests — devices that open into a full-screened smartphone that flexes to your favorite angles. When folded, the phone resembles a smartphone with a screen at the front and a camera at the back. They’re a new and improved version of the old flip phones that were popular in the ’90s. These retro stylings combined with modern tech have already shown remarkable potential. They’re catching on as popular options for people looking for an alternative to the traditional flat touchscreen options for smartphones. 

Practicality and pleasure

So what do some of the latest releases offer? When folded in half, Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip3 is square-shaped and just the right size to stow away in your pocket. There’s no need to unfold it for frequently used functions — for example, reading notifications or taking a selfie — thanks to the cover screen. Clearly, it passes the practical test immediately. 

It has built-in features that make using it a pleasure. The Dual Preview function lets you check your pose before you take a selfie. It’s hot on multitasking, too — now you can take photos and videos hands-free with Flex mode. All you have to do is adjust the angle and step back for hands-free selfies.

The Galaxy Z Fold3 — another foldable phone available on the market — also offers a number of great, user-friendly advantages. Serving as both a phone and tablet in one, it features a screen that is larger than that of the average smartphone. Watching videos, movies, TV shows or even just video calling becomes a more enjoyable experience. You have all the advantages of a tablet without having to carry a separate, bigger device around in addition to your phone. Portability and convenience are the key to securing the future of smartphones.

Securing the foldable smartphone’s future

It’s worth reiterating here that there are two types of foldable phones that are currently available: one that folds out into a tablet-like device (like the Galaxy Z Fold3) and another that folds your phone in half to make it ultra-compact (like the Galaxy Z Flip3 mentioned above). 

It’s clear that flip or foldable phones are starting to take off, not least because of their increasing accessibility to the everyday user through affordable plans. The future of smartphones is secured with an integrated and intuitive device to suit everyone’s taste. So why not flip open your very own? 

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