Red Wire invites General Assembly's Elisia Retsas to guest blog about ways to future-proof your skillset.

Job roles and positions are constantly changing in response to industry innovations. What’s the best way to stay relevant in a rapidly changing career space? At General Assembly we’re fostering a flourishing community of people pursuing careers they love through education and career transformation, specialising in today’s most in-demand skills and we have five ways to help you future-proof your skill set.

  1. Know what skills are in demand.

As technology and business continue to merge, we’re seeing a rise in hybrid jobs and the demand for digital competencies. Fields like coding, data, digital marketing and user experience design have become essential to successfully launching brands and businesses in the digital space. Employers now seek talent who can leverage these skills in dynamic roles, like web development combined with UX design or product management. In addition, the need for dedicated experts has never been greater. One example lies in the field of data science, as companies increasingly rely on data-driven decisions to move their businesses forward.

  1. Learn relevant and applicable skills.

You don’t have to change careers to remain relevant but build on your current skill set. If you work in marketing, you’ll benefit from learning the basics of coding. This will help you understand what is going on behind the scenes of your marketing campaigns. The functionality behind SEO, the intricacies of building landing pages, the web analytics that help you pinpoint consumers and understand their activity and more, are all powered by code. Learning the fundamentals will also help you communicate with the tech teams you work with, and foster empathy as you become more familiar with the processes and challenges web developers face when building new products.

  1. Connect with your community.

Swap knowledge and ideas with peers, colleagues and mentors. Shifts in industry come not only from changes in the tech landscape, but from those working in it. More often than not, you’ll find that people in your personal and professional communities are willing to teach, share, collaborate and brainstorm on new ideas and to help others along the way to build their skills. Meetup groups and events are a great way to get involved and to start having the conversations.

  1. Embrace change, be adaptable.

Change is inevitable. New technologies have transformed the ways we work and created new career opportunities. These circumstances not only require us to be adaptable, especially when making a career switch but empower us to push our boundaries and excel in bold new ways. At GA, we’ve had bakers and graphic designers transition into full-time careers in web development and architects and musicians launch new professional paths in UX design. No matter what professional background you have, if you embrace change, you can be part of it.

  1. Never stop learning.

The only way to future proof your skill set is to continuously stay ahead of the curve. Today’s jobs will require new skills tomorrow, and through ongoing professional development and lifelong learning, you will be set up for success

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