Samsung just unveiled the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, their next iteration of a foldable phone, but it can do much more than just fold in half. Here’s the lowdown on the Galaxy Z Flip, available to order now with Vodafone.

An all new folding design

Unlike Samsung’s previous folding phone that folded lengthways, the Galaxy Z Flip folds more like the classic flip phones, except this time the screen extends onto both halves. It’s unlike anything you’ve seen before, giving you a full smartphone experience in half the footprint.

Hands-Free Camera

One of the advantages of a foldable phone? You can have it folded at 90 degrees sitting upright and still see the screen. Perfect for video chats and selfies, you’ll stumble upon all sorts of situations where a free-standing phone comes in handy.

External notifications

Even though the screen folds in on itself, you can still check your notifications without opening your device. Thanks to the 1.05” touch screen on the outside of the Galaxy Z Flip, you can see alarms, the time, answer calls and see your notifications at a glance. Tap on that notification and you’ll be taken right to it when you open your device.

Quick Selfies

Yes, you can even use the external notifications screen to take quick selfies without opening your phone too!

New ways to shoot

Like the Galaxy S20 range, you can shoot once but capture stills, videos and GIFs simultaneously. And thanks to the free-stop hinge, you can place the Galaxy Z Flip on any flat surface to shoot things like a Night Hyperlapse without the need of a tripod.


Interested in a new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip? Get yours today with Vodafone.

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