While you’ve probably been using these popular social media apps for ages, there are a few little-known features that many users may not be taking full advantage of. In this article, we will reveal the little-known features of Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest (which are all available on the Vodafone Social Pass), so you can be sure you’re using them to their full potential.

Instagram archive feature

Many Instagram pages follow a theme – maybe all the posts have a pinkish hue, or maybe they are all birds-eye photos of food. What happens if you want to change your theme, or want to stop having a theme at all? Instagram’s little-known archive feature is the perfect answer. The archive is like a personal little photo album that no one has access to except you. So, if you want to change things up on your Instagram page, or if you want to just reduce the number of photos that are live, start archiving them. You’ll be able to go back and look at them whenever you like but anyone viewing your Instagram page will only see what you’ve left for public viewing.

Snapchat Shazam

Snapchat collaborated with Shazam to bring an exciting feature to their users. If there is a song playing in the room around you, you can use your Snapchat to identify the title of the song and the artist. Just hold your thumb on the screen and you should see a graphic appear, then simply wait for your phone to recognise the song.

Facebook link save

Facebook has a little-known link save feature. Create an album of saved links that you can go and access later without needing to open an internet tab that you’re just going to ignore for hours or days. When you see a link just click on the little upside-down flag and your link will be saved. Access the links later by finding the “saved” button in your Facebook menu.

Twitter “seen” receipts

Anyone who opts to receive direct messages can have a private conversation through Twitter, similar to Facebook Messenger or Instagram direct messaging. What many people don’t know about Twitter’s direct messaging is that you can change your settings, so no one will know if you’ve read their message yet. Being “seen” is an infamous feature of many social media apps – but Twitter gives their users the option to opt out by disabling “seen receipts” in your privacy and safety settings.

Pinterest Lens

Searching and scrolling your way into a Pinterest vortex is a great way to pass the time. It starts with one photo, then you keep looking through the related and suggested content enjoying a beautiful array of visual inspiration. Pinterest’s new visual search feature, which they have titled “Lens”, makes searching for particular content on Pinterest even easier. With Lens you can pick exactly what you like about a photo so the related and suggested content will be even more tailored to your interests.  For example, say you find a photo of an apartment room with a dog sitting in it. Is it the dog you’re interested in, is it the decorative pillows, or the curtains, maybe the paintings on the wall? You can click directly on the image and isolate the parts that pique your interest, then Pinterest will help you find the things you care about seeing.


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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions:

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