Updating your home with smart technology opens up a whole new realm of styling possibilities to give your space more character, excitement and elegance. A few updates and additions can help to give a sense of space and cohesion that you may have felt was missing from your home. To get you started, we’ve put together some simple tips on updating your home with style in mind, room-by-room.

Is there too much separation in your home? Create cohesion with light and colour

Your home should tell a story – it should speak to your personal style as it ties together each room. A great way to do this is by using lights that complement your interior style, with a little help from your smart home device.

By adding programmable LED lights to your home, you can change the entire atmosphere of your common rooms with a simple phrase. For example, Philips Hue lights offer the entire spectrum of colours and brightness on each light, meaning you can create a stylish colour scheme to complement your furniture and artwork. You can even place the lights underneath your sofa or behind outdoor plants for added ambience that spills onto the walls.

Using the lights as links between your indoor and outdoor entertaining areas can make a huge difference for a party, BBQ or quiet evening – and can give your home a sense of continuity.

Want more atmosphere in your living room? Transform it with smart surround sound

The right entertainment system can make or break the atmosphere of a living room.  When choosing speakers for your living room entertainment system, you can take advantage of stylish surround sound and smart speakers.

These speaker systems can be linked to your Smart Home device and music streaming platform to play your favourite artists and playlists on command. Linking different systems throughout your home can give a grandiose sense of atmosphere.

You can even set up your smart device to trigger pre-selected lighting and music activation on command. For example, you could set your Google Home device to respond to “Google, get posh” with diffused lighting and jazzy, low key music. This would create an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere for dinner parties, low key drinks and romantic dates.

On the other hand, if your team scores the winning goal at the grand final, you can yell out ‘Alexa, we won’ and have the entire room transform instantly with your team colours, blasting We Are The Champions by Queen. How you use this power is up to you.

Not enough bedroom space for your TV? Elevate your room with a designer TV

People often struggle with space when adding a television to the bedroom, as it usually involves adding a massive entertainment unit or console to a room that may not have much space for it.

Designer TVs solve that issue while giving a sophisticated, modern vibe with their canvas-like stand and super slim screens. Choosing a designer TV elevates the sophistication of your bedroom, while adding the increased convenience and entertainment capabilities of smart tech.

You can connect seamlessly to streaming service entertainment for television shows, movies and music – which means you don’t have to take up space with digital set top boxes and other units. Plus adding a bedroom smart home device means you don’t have to worry about remotes.

If the canvas stand television doesn’t suit your personal style, you could always get a wall-mounted TV or an integrated TV built into your cabinet space. Minimalist style gives a contemporary edge to your bedroom, while also saving space.

Want a more modern kitchen? Upgrade with a smart fridge

With so many houses and apartments putting an increased emphasis on open plan living, the kitchen is becoming a more lived-in space than ever.

To really embrace upgrading your home, look into getting a smart refrigerator. Smart fridges are connected to the cloud. Depending on the model and company, smart fridges can let you see what you have inside via your smartphone while you’re shopping, send you phone notifications if the door has been left open, or let you know if the ice is running low.

Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerator is packed with features – with a large display that lets you keep track of your calendar, leave yourself notes, look up recipes online, watch TV and play music while you cook and much more.

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Jesse Brand

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Jesse Brand,
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