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Does your business get you moving? If you are on the go during your working day, you need to ensure that no task gets left behind.

Here are six tips to ensure you have the support you need to move freely and with style.

1. Tool up – hardware

Just like you ensure that the tools of your specific trade are up-to-date, safe and reliable, take the time to check that the same applies to your mobile devices.

Is your choice of device up to the rigours of travel? Investing in some serious protection in the not-impossible case of a dropped phone, a protective case can make the difference between a mishap and an expensive disaster.

Safety, when driving, should be everyone’s priority. Details of the law vary from state to state but no matter where you are, play it safe by securing your phone and taking the time to set up your maps, music or call before you start to drive. Set yourself up with the best in hands-free and Bluetooth technology for communication on the go.

If you need to upgrade your device, check out Vodafone’s great range of mobile phones now.

2. Tool up – software

Learning to love the cloud by embracing file sharing options means that you’ll never have to apologise for not having essential information for your sales pitch or on-site visit.

Online tools like Google Drive, DropBox and HubSpot mean that important things that you can access at your office base are also available on the road.

Project and task management tools like Monday or Asana allow you to keep your workflow moving along with you, rather than having to feel like you need to spend time back at base updating everything from the day.

Even more specialised jobs, like design, are becoming mobile with intuitive apps like Canva making the leap to portable devices.

The ATO app is a lifesaver for recording work-related travel and other expenses, both at the time as well as come the end of the financial year.

Accept that there will be a learning curve with any new software or online application. Don’t try adopting too many at once. Making the learning a team affair is great for swapping tips and accelerating success.

Ensuring you have can share your mobile data allows you to make the most of your time between direct customer interactions. Find out more about our Business Flex plans for businesses with 10+ connections, which includes Data Sharing for all plans.

3. Communication clarity

Systems of communication, like Slack and WhatsApp, can suit those who need to stay in touch with teams.

Maximising use of your mobile plan allows you to benefit from the directness and personal nature of phone calls.

Shared calendars can avoid the need for unproductive communication. No-one needs multiple phone calls or messages to find out where you are or what time you are expected back.

If you’re an early adopter with smart-watch technology, check out the benefits of Vodafone’s NumberSyncTM.

Take advantage of Vodafone’s Endless Data, allowing you to focus on the clarity of your communication without concern.

4. Painless payment

The jury is out on whether we will see a fully cashless society, but there is no doubt that mobile payments are a game-changer for business and customers.

Make it easier for customers to pay you, and for you to make purchases, with mobile payment options.

5. Further afield

If your travel takes you overseas, you’ll need to consider cultural customs as well as time zones and jet-lag.

Make sure that you don’t overdo it by trying to work within the time zone where you are as well as being totally available at other times for customers or staff back home. Make use of messaging and out-of-office technology to keep everyone informed about when they can expect to hear from you.

Did you know that, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, July is the most common month for overseas travel other than the Christmas – New Year holiday period?

Whichever time of year you take off, be sure to take advantage of Vodafone’s $5 Roaming – use your phone, tablet or mobile broadband plan for just $5 extra a day in 80 countries, for up to 90 days in a calendar year. Countries may vary, so check the list of included countries before you travel. For Plus & Advance plans, only Your Max Speed data is included while $5 Roaming. Find out more at vfau.co/intlroaming.

6. Self-care on the move

Thanks to technology, travel time can be productive but don’t forget the need for down-time, balance and self-care.

For short trips, use the time to shift-gears from one task to the next.

For longer trips, listening to the radio while you drive can keep you in touch with the wider world (a Growth from Knowledge survey found that 70 per cent of radio listeners reported it made them feel happier). Listening to music can allow for unstructured reflection time between site visits, with academic research showing that it can improve your mood. Listening to a podcast can contribute to your bigger-picture personal or business skills development.

Don’t forget to stay hydrated and to plan meals so that you are not resorting to grabbing whatever is to hand. Make sure to take breaks if your trips are long and to ease into movement, especially any heavy lifting, after being in a more static position behind the wheel.

If your business takes you on the road, we hope these tips help you embrace the joys of being mobile.

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