You arrive at your hotel and drop your bags… now what? Deciding on something to do when exploring a new city can be a daunting task. Thankfully, there are many useful tools to help you get the most out of your trip, which can help you discover some great restaurants, activities and landmarks in the area. Here are our top five ways to find out what your destination has to offer using your mobile phone or tablet from the comfort of your hotel room.

1. Download the best map apps

Familiarising yourself with a foreign location is a great way to learn more about the culture and lifestyle of the locals. That’s why having a GPS-equipped map of your current location is extremely useful for finding those everyday conveniences such as the closest bus station, supermarket or Laundromat, and ensuring you always know how far your hotel is. Google Maps may seem like the go-to app to keep you on track, however, CityMaps2Go works as an effective alternative. Simply download a complete map of your current destination when you have access to internet, and you’ll not only be able to pinpoint your exact location in the city, but you’ll also have a comprehensive list of local eateries, activities, and tourist sites within a short distance.

2. Visit trusted review sites

If you only have a short time in a destination, you probably don’t want to fall for the common tourist traps. To help you narrow down the best a city has to offer, review sites may be the way to go for finding that ideal event or activity. Check out Time Out and TripAdvisor for reviews of a wide variety of restaurants, music and film events, and recreational activities to help you find something suited to your tastes.

3. Leverage your social network

Tap into your social networks and get recommendations from those that you trust most. On Facebook you can use the recommendation functionality to see what your friends have to say – after all, they know you best and will share your interests and passions.

A simple Facebook post or WhatsApp message can create an open and detailed discussion amongst your friendship group, and even acquaintances can join in, with a wealth of online knowledge at their fingertips to guide you in selecting your holiday plans. Your social circle can also provide you with links to websites, definitive prices, and personal reviews of their activities, removing much of the work involved in searching for the ideal holiday activity.

4. Speak the local language

Sometimes no matter how hard you scour the internet for the perfect meal or activity, you come up short. Often the only people in the know for the best local cuisine or entertainment are the locals. But interacting with the locals can be difficult — especially if you don’t speak the same language.

Google Translate allows you to unlock advice from those in the know – whether that be a tour guide, hotel concierge or a friendly local. With real-time translation, the Google Translate app can help when you lack knowledge of the language.

5. Check out daily deal websites

If you love a good deal, daily deal websites showcase great activities for low prices. Groupon has a wide variety of deals for leisurely entertainment, action-packed adventures, and everything in between. Groupon also has inclusive accommodation-activity packages for those of you who don’t have the time or desire to research and plan your trip.

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