The freelancer revolution is well and truly here. With an ever-increasing percentage of workers foregoing the lure of traditional working hours and environments to go it alone, trends show that to retain skilled employees in today's landscape, employers will need to step it up.

Work smarter remotely

If you’re on the road to building a business for yourself, then chances are you’ll be out of the office more often than you are in. As such, your workspace needs to transcend the physical. Selecting the right handset and plan for you is step 1, with step 2 selecting your basic office app suite. There are really only two options here — Google Apps or Microsoft Home Office 365 which are somewhat dependent on which type of handset is your preferred. These app suites allow you to access mail, calendars, create and share documents and worksheets and liaise with staff members — aka Business Management 101.

Outsource your office

Sometimes it’s all about appearances. In business there are expenses where it pays to go with quality: corporate branding, web builds, and anything customer or new-business facing; but, equally, there are instances where savings can be made. You can still give the appearance of working from a sweet suite even if you’re working from your home office with virtual reception site Mobilizer – skip the hotdesking costs and sign up for a combination receptionist and office space when you need it. Complete your outsource of the front desk by signing up to AusPost’s package collection service Parcel Collect. 

Workday sounds

Getting in the zone for work means staying distraction-free and ticking off items on your to-do list. For fans of streaming service ups the music site’s existing search functionality – giving users greater transparency over the number of lists under their selected genre. Distracted by lyrics? For a more novel approach, Coffitivity is a site that lets users listen to a stream of café white noise, and for lovers of ambient sound, there is Table Top Audio.

Make use of virtual space

Quick tips:

  • Skimp on the desk, spend money on the chair

Any old desk will do, but you’ll be spending hours in your chair so it pays to ensure it’s a comfortable one.

  • Pick a window seat

You want to limit distractions, but having a good vantage point (and natural light!) makes all the difference for your thought, and inspiration, process.

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Tanya Phull

Head of Social Media

Tanya Phull,
Head of Social Media

As head of social media at Vodafone, Tanya is an expert in customer engagement and emerging platforms. As an American-born expat and wanderluster, Tanya is always equipped with the best tech tips for travellers.