Video conferencing is a great way to stay in contact with your team and remain productive while everyone is working remotely. Here are five steps to make sure your next virtual meeting is a success.

This piece originally appeared on Vodafone New Zealand. Download the pdf here.

Video conferencing

The first thing to set up is a reliable, easy to use video conferencing platform.

  • Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Hangouts are all easy to set up and readily available.
  • Do a test run using the platform with a colleague to make sure you know how everything works.
  • Run a speed test to make sure your connection is performing at its best for your meeting. Visit to check your current speed.

Clear communication

Before your virtual meeting, make sure that your team have all the information they need to attend.

  • When you send out the meeting request to your team, make sure you include clear instructions on how to join the meeting.
  • Include the link to the meeting in your invitation email and the topic of the meeting.
  • Ensure attendees have the agenda/subject notes of what the meeting is about.
  • Send content in advance including notes they can pre-read if they’re expected to speak. Don’t forget to ask them to be ready with discussion points if needed.

One voice at a time

Meetings work best when everyone can communicate without talking over each other.

  • Avoid this by using the chat/instant messaging features on your video conference if there are a large group of attendees, to avoid people talking over each other.
  • If you want or need everyone to talk, make one person the ‘host’ who introduces members one by one, offering them time to talk in a methodical way.
  • Ask you team to mute themselves when they aren’t talking to reduce background noise.

Show don’t tell

Humans are visual beings, so make sure you show and not simply tell your team the message.

  • Get visual by using the ‘share screen’ function to show your team how to do things, rather than just talking about it. It’s great to share files and other work during your meeting too.

Make it interactive

Get everyone involved in the meeting by adding interactive features.

  • To liven things up include live polls or quizzes for attendees to participate in and see immediate results.
  • For example, Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts let you create polls quickly in real time.
  • The Kahoot app allows you to add quizzes to these virtual meeting tools.


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