If you’re looking to leave lockdown with more skills and qualifications than you entered with, there’s lots of opportunities to do just that. Whether you want to learn skills for personal development, industry qualifications or a new passion entirely, a world of possibilities exists through the doorway of your computer or smartphone. Everything from cooking, music, management, history, film, business, app development, coding or a new language are right at your fingertips – so what are you waiting for?

NSW TAFE fee-free courses

During lockdown, NSW TAFE has offered fee-free online courses for those eligible. The courses all offer industry-relevant qualifications on completion and delve deep into each area of study. Courses range from business administration to online marketing, accounting, medical administration and effective leadership. Now is the time to dive into a new industry or expand on your current skills with a new qualification.


Harvard University’s free courses

Want to learn at the world’s most prestigious University? Harvard is offering free courses with a wide variety of subjects. Learn about the history and archaeology of ancient Egypt, or study the foundations of contract law and justice. Become a master computer programmer and create your own video game or app.

You can even learn the fundamentals of neuroscience and biochemistry from one of the world’s leading institutions.

There is also a fascinating physics course in cooking to show how chefs apply a scientific method to create food that would otherwise be impossible to make.

Courses run anywhere between one to fifteen weeks in length and offer verified certificates upon completion.


Learn Music Production with Ableton Live

One of the premiere music production software companies, Ableton, is now offering their latest ground-breaking software, Ableton Live 10, for a free 90-day trial. Ableton also offers possibly the most holistically comprehensive beginner’s guide to music production.

The course teaches all the basic tenants of music composition like creating song structure, arranging chord progressions, basslines, creating melodies, understanding the musicality of notes, musical groupings and sound identification. There’s so much involved in understanding music production that it can seem overwhelming or intimidating, but Ableton somehow keeps it fun, simple and streamlined so you’ll be releasing the next chart topper in no time.


Learn from the greats with MasterClass

Have you ever wanted to learn from the great Gordon Ramsey but don’t want to get screamed at on national television for using the wrong kind of knife to cut your legumes? Or maybe you’d like to learn singing from Christina Aguilera, leadership from Vogue editor Anna Wintour, guitar from Santana, acting from Natalie Portman and directing from Martin Scorsese?

MasterClass offer an incredible opportunity to learn skills, industry insights and get behind the greatest minds in their fields with their online courses. While MasterClass isn’t free, it does offer a double membership offer, meaning if you buy one annual membership (A$280), you can share one with a friend, meaning that they would have unlimited access to all of Masterclass’ incredible courses for free.


Learn a language with Duolingo

How many of us have sat down to learn a new language with the utmost certainty that we would be fluent within weeks, only to realise a year later that we only ever spent about an hour laughing at the French pronunciation of ‘piscine’ before never touching it again? Now is your time to change that.

Duolingo is helping people break through the monotony of quarantine by empowering them you new languages. The simple and fun free version of the app takes you through daily learning exercises. Learning a new language can seem daunting at first, but the gamified Duolingo can give you a sense of progression, entertainment and growth even when the world seems to have slowed down for a moment.

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Jesse Brand

Digital Copywriter

Jesse Brand,
Digital Copywriter

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