With many businesses having adapted to working in new ways (and places), it’s worth spending a bit of time to make sure your set-up and practices will let you do your best work at home. At Vodafone, we have been promoting flexible work arrangements for quite some time, so here are our tips to make your working-from-home experience work for you.

Check your home office set-up

Since you’re likely spending a lot more time at your home office, it’s time to make sure your desk is properly set up. There are plenty of government resources to make sure your workspace is ergonomically sound, and whilst things like a desk that’s slightly too high or feet that dangle just off the floor might feel okay for short periods, they aren’t healthy when working for hours and days at a time.

Optimise your internet

If you’re working from home, your home broadband is more important than ever. Here are a few things to consider. For nbn plans, there are different tiers with varying speeds, so consider upgrading your plan to a faster connection. For wireless broadband or mobile hotspots, moving them to different areas of your home may slightly affect your connection, so it’s best to find a spot that gives you good coverage. Plus, the proximity of your computer to your wireless router may also affect your speed. Check out our tips for improving your home WiFi.

Take regular breaks

Forgetting to take breaks is easy when the kitchen is only a few steps away and the bathroom is just around the corner, but like the office, it’s important to regularly step away from your desk. Get out of your chair at least every hour, look out your window, take your regular meal break, and maybe even try a 30min lunchtime yoga session on YouTube. With no commute, it’s easy to be more sedentary during your day, so schedule in your breaks and make sure you keep your body moving.

Stay in touch

When it’s just you at your desk, it’s easy to feel a little isolated and disconnected without the social aspect of the workplace. So those (now) virtual meetings? Be present and participate. That question you have for your colleague? Why not pick up the phone and chat? Your work buddy who you always have a laugh with? Check in with them virtually.

Maintain regular hours

It’s often easy to have flexible working hours when your home and workplace is one and the same. But working from home doesn’t mean working whenever you’re home. Set rough start and end times for your day, and create beginning and ending rituals. Maybe this means starting work after making a coffee at home, or turning off your computer and putting it away at the end of the day. Whatever it is, do it consistently to tell yourself when you are and aren’t working.

Use a VPN

Businesses will often provide a VPN service for when you’re working out of the office. Especially since a lot of our home networks aren’t heavily secured, it’s important to use this VPN to protect your private work information. Check out more of our cyber security tips.


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