With the everyday influx of new technologies on the market, it can be difficult to discern which new gadgets are going to make a real impact. That said, every now and then an innovation takes place that makes a meaningful contribution to our everyday lives. To help cut through the noise, here’s a list of exciting new tech gadgets that offer innovative designs and solutions to challenges you might come across.

The Lexilight reading lamp helping dyslexics read comfortably

Around 1 in 10 Australians suffer from Dyslexia, with many still undiagnosed.

A 2017 study shook the science world when it claimed that Dyslexia could be caused by a patch of light-sensitive patches in the eye – which are identical in both eyes for dyslexics.

In most people, these cells are arranged differently between the two eyes, meaning that information from one dominant eye can override the other. In Dyslexic people, information is sent to the brain from both eyes in unison, creating a mirroring effect. This mirroring effect is what causes Dyslexia.

The Lexilight is designed to reduce mirroring in the brain by using a pulsed light, which allows one eye to have dominance. This creates a clearer and more comfortable reading experience for Dyslexic individuals.


Skullcandy True wireless earbuds that you can’t lose

One of the first things I’m asked when people see my wireless earbuds is invariably “But what happens if you lose one?”

Fortunately, Skullcandy have eliminated that worry with built-in Tile technology – a network that can geo-locate your individual earbuds, should you not be able to find them. This simple little innovation potentially changes the biggest downside to owning wireless earbuds forever.


Senstroke Bluetooth electric drumkit for those who don’t have room

Senstroke Bluetooth electric drumkit is a virtual instrument that utilises sensor technology, and fits in your backpack. Connecting to your phone, tablet or computer with headphones, the Bluetooth drumkit comes with sensors that you can clip onto a pair of drumsticks and strap to your feet to play anywhere using designated virtual zones for real-time responsive sound. This means with some cushion, pans, or even in mid-air, you can bang out some unreal beats without anyone hearing.

Senstroke lets you play, records and practice your drumming anywhere around the house or on-the-go, opening up a new dimension of convenience and innovation to drummers across the globe.


The new Fitbit Charge 4 can help in diagnosing sleep apnoea

One of the most eye-opening innovations to fitness technology in recent memory is its ability to help with predictive medicine by taking bio-readings during your workouts. The latest innovation to really grab attention has been the Fitbit Charge 4, which can keep track of the volume of oxygen in your blood. This has the practical use of helping to diagnose sleep apnoea – a condition that stops people breathing in the night, upsetting their circadian rhythms.

Unfortunately sleep apnoea goes largely undiagnosed for long periods, as people may be unaware of the issue, or may be apprehensive to get tested without any solid indication they are sufferers.

By tracking your oxygen variability or ‘pulse oximetry’, while you sleep, the Fitbit Charge 4 can flag the frequency of instances where your oxygen is low – a key indicator that you may be suffering sleep apnoea. This could potentially lead to a greater number of people seeking treatment for sleep apnoea and living healthier lives.


The Ember Mug2 keeps your tea at the perfect temperature

This one might not seem like the most significant human achievement in recent tech history, but for tea enthusiasts, this feat is revolutionary.

The Ember Mug2 connects to your smartphone to let you know when your tea is at the perfect temperature. Then using an integrated heating element at the base of the cup, the Ember Mug2 keeps your tea at the ideal, warm temperature.

There’s even an Ember Travel Mug² that’s perfect for enjoying warm drinks on-the-go.


The new Simba Orbit bed can help you regulate your sleep patterns

Back on the subject of getting a good night’s sleep, the new Simba Orbit bed can help you get a better, more relaxed night’s sleep.

Simba’s Orbit bed technology is based on trials that implied people who struggle with anxiety disorders can benefit from heavier weighted blankets when they sleep. Through applying a light pressure equivalent to 10% of your body weight, the blanket can potentially temper restlessness in your body, indicate to your brain that it’s time to sleep, and regulate your nocturnal patterns. By using beaded technology sewn into squares, the Simba Orbit even distributes weight across the blanket, for comfort and effectiveness.

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