At this moment, there are over 5,000,000 monthly active Instagram users in Australia. As 70% of us are daily 'Grammers, and a further 40% follow photography-based profiles, everyone's favourite selfie platform has created a market for high-quality mobile photography.

More than a selfie stick

Say what you will about millennials — the current generation of smartphones gives suitably good ‘Gram. Sony Xperia™ Z5 offers 23 MP, with resolution so crisp and fresh your selfies are transported to Nat Geo-level beauty.

Sony Xperia Z5 shot best camera phone

Shot with Sony Xperia Z5.

Virtually every device on the market comes equipped with slow motion, panoramic, and time-lapse camera features, truly democratising creative photography. Understandably, these advancements are making standard point-and-shoot cameras largely redundant, so a new breed of third-party supplementary tools is emerging to bridge the gap between portability and photo quality.

The Olloclip 4-in-1 offers four versatile lenses to clip onto your phone, including fisheye, wide-angle, and 10x/15x macro zoom (so your closeups don’t blur). Successful kick-starter Moment offer crisp zoom and wide-angle add-ons with an additional case that will make your phone seem like a stand-alone camera — perfect for travel or a scenic day trip. If you’re looking for inspo, have a read of Momentist, Moment’s expertly curated photography blog, which showcases their fanbase’s best work and guides. Their Instagram isn’t bad looking, either.

GoPro’s mobile app lets you control settings and real-time lens viewing on your GoPro camera remotely, allowing you to send all your shots direct to your mobile for instant sharing. While the iconic GorillaPod has been used by camera-owners for years, the smartphone suite is perfect for perching your device anywhere, so you can make that #selfie look like a #someoneelsie.  😎

Find natural, indirect light for selfies. If outdoors, get the sun behind your head for a flattering halo.

Half the job: Apps for editing

“There is no such thing as natural beauty,” said Dolly Parton (Miss Truvy) in Steel Magnolias. For subscribers to Parton’s philosophy, getting the shot is only half the job done. Start with the gold standard in VSCO and Afterlight, both incredibly powerful tools that create artisanal filters, both have hoards of dedicated devotees, and re-post the work of their respective followership on the ‘Gram.

Snapseed offers tilt-shift and textured filters, whilst 8mm Vintage helps you to recreate the grainy light-soaked images of yesteryear.

Not one to miss out on a ride on their own coattails, Instagram have created a set of apps to make your photo-sharing easier.

  • Use Layout to insert several frames into a single shot like an Insta-photobooth strip
  • Hyperlapse helps you create an Insta-timelapse video
  • Use Boomerang to create mini-videos on loop, for an adorable Insta-take on GIFs

If you want to ditch the I Woke Up Like This charade altogether, Glitchè (iOS) will intentionally ‘ruin’ your shots for a trippy, Tumblr feel. Finally, use Tiny Planet FX Pro to create out-of-this-world effects, where your selfie becomes its own planet (finally).

Finally, for the professionals among us, Adobe Photoshop tablet edition is a sophisticated portable solution for digital editing and design on the go. Fully compatible and cloud transferrable with the desktop edition, it’s a great way to edit best-in-class shots on the fly.

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