We may need to stay physically distant, but that doesn’t mean we have to be socially disconnected from each other. With phones, tablets and computers, there are plenty of ways to stay connected (and we’ve got you covered, from phone plans to nbn). Here are our favourite ways to stay connected whilst we're physically apart.

Go to the (home) movies

Turn your perpetual quiet nights in to movie nights with friends. Apps like Netflix Party let you sync up your Netflix show so you can watch together, all whilst sharing comments, screenshots and gifs to keep up that comedic banter. Just because the cinemas are closed doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a flick together.

Online “board” games

In place of playing board games in real life, you can play a lot of your favourites online (sans board), and many for free. Aside from getting your brain working, board games are a great way to spend some quality time with friends virtually, plus it might bring out that competitive side in you. Games like Catan, Secret Hitler, Risk and 7 Wonders all have free online versions, and the plus side? No setting up tiles and packing up pieces, and no dice rolling off the table.

Online party games

Need something with a fewer rules and a more free-spirited fun? There are plenty of party games to get right into the shenanigans. Draw with friends on Drawful 2 (currently free on Steam), play Trivia or Heads Up on Houseparty or get ludicrous with Cards Against Humanity.

Group fitness in your living room

Miss going to your pilates, HIIT or yoga class? A lot of businesses are doing free or heavily discounted online classes whilst they’re not able to operate classes in-person. Get free workouts from Barry’s, Sam Wood, Orange Theory and Retrosweat™ that are either live streamed or posted in full on their channels, but it’s worth checking in with your local studio or gym to see what they’re offering during this period.

Meditate by yourself (but with friends)

It sounds almost counter-intuitive, but there’s a sense of solidarity and social connection when you meditate with others. Apps like Buddhify allow you to natively meditate together, or you can just start the same meditation at the same time as your friend in one of the many other apps like Headspace or Insight Timer. With group meditation, you can set your intention for the day all whilst connecting with a friend or two.

Host a living room dance party

Listen with friends or play DJ for a night and enjoy some tunes together. Apps like JQBX and Vertigo allow you to sync up your Spotify tunes so you can party almost as if you’re in the same room together and feel that beat drop at the same time.


And of course, if all else fails, a standard video call or even just a phone call is always a great way to catch up when apart. With a plethora of ways to stay connected whilst we avoid physical contact, we know you’ll be able to feel like your loved ones aren’t too far away.

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