Avid soccer fan Liam Elliott defends not only on the field but online as well. He’s taken a different stance to what we’re used to seeing with social media customer care, and it’s really paying off. Think a career in Vodafone is for you? Head to our careers page to see what opportunities are available.

What do you do here at Vodafone?

I am the Social Media Manager which means that I look after our social media channels and our interactions with our customers but also prospective customers and the community at large.

What does this look like in practice?

We have a full Vodafone persona and tone of voice that we stick to, so the key message that we want to get across is that no matter what your touch point of Vodafone is, your experience is the same. We’re not cocky but we’re bold, we’re not arrogant but we’re confident, and it’s a lot of how we represent ourselves. It’s been a really big shift from very much the apologetic ‘the customer is always right’ approach – it’s not necessarily the case and it’s a fine line which my team are really getting into now. We still offer that same service that same help, but we defend the brand. We say, “hey that sounds strange to us, we’re going to have a look into it,” rather than, “we’re so sorry to hear that, we’re going to fix it.”

What shift have you seen as a result of this?

We see a lot more people jumping on to defend us and back our statements because in the past when we’ve never backed ourselves, there’s nothing for the people to kind of agree with. But now it’s like, “hey that doesn’t sound right with us, we’ll take a look at what’s going on here,” then we see a lot more engagement on those posts around people trying to help but also offering that, “hey that won’t be them,” or, “you do realise when you’re roaming it’s another network,” and we see that proactive defence of the brand from advocators which is definitely a new thing for us.

What’s your biggest achievement here at Vodafone?

My biggest achievement is being able to bring social media onto the radar of the business. When I first joined the company, everyone knew what social media was but did not understand the role it could play. Now, it’s at the centre of everything we do; if we launch a new plan, if we’re in the news – whatever it might be, it’s going to hit social.

I’m proud that I’m able to sell our story back to the business and that we can be a listening tool with our finger on the pulse of our customers. We have an amazing opportunity to constantly engage with them and it’s really brought to the surface the impact and value of social plays for a company of this size.

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Jay Ooi

Jay Ooi

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