With the long weekend just around the corner, there’s no better time to hit the road with your family and friends. Plus, with our latest mobile data plans, organising your weekend escape has never been so easy. Below are our top tips for putting your data to work when creating that perfect long weekend road trip.

1. Book something a little unusual

Forget your ordinary hotels and get off the beaten path with something a little different. Whether it’s a converted cave in the Blue Mountains or a working farm in Kangaroo Valley, surprise your clan with a booking that will have their jaws on the floor and clinging to the door frames when it’s time to say goodbye.

2. Get that road mapped

The key to any road trip is making it safely and swiftly to the final destination. Be sure to choose a map app that works for you and plan your route plus a back-up in case of any issues (such as heavy traffic) on the day. You want to be heading into the sun with the family in full cheer, not listening to a broken record of “are we there yet?”

If you want to be extra organised, pinpoint petrol stops, potential picnic areas and maybe a few bathroom breaks too.

3. Download all your favourites

Whether it’s films, podcasts, music or the latest and greatest TV show, take advantage of Vodafone’s generous data inclusions on selected plans and get your devices stocked up for the long haul. It’s always good to have a distraction for those that get a little restless on the road but also perfect for a night of movies on the sofa. The only issue you may have is being spoilt for choice!

4. Research those restaurants

Settling for sub-standard food will only help make your road trip memorable for the wrong reasons. Hunt out a couple of fodder spots ahead of your trip so you know opening times across the long weekend and find geo-tagged shots on Instagram from other travellers to help get an idea of the food, drink, atmosphere, setting and décor in the area. You may also be in luck and find an old-fashioned proprietor who allows those things that we used to call bookings!

5. Video call those that couldn’t make it

Sometimes getting together with friends or the family is the perfect time to contact those that are a little farther afield. Get everyone round your phone and video call the grandparents or contact that best friend who took a one-year secondment in Europe four years ago and keeps promising to return some day.

6. No proof without pictures

With phones evolving into cameras that can now make calls, you know that everyone will be capturing their own version of the weekend’s events and sharing it with the world online. With our latest great mobile data plans, you no longer need to worry about whether or not you’re going to be able to publish that magical weekend memory. Plus, if you’re really switched on, you can set up shared photo albums within your group and take home everyone’s favourite shots.

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Chris Fynes

Content Producer

Chris Fynes,
Content Producer

Chris is a content creator with a passion for travel and food.