Halloween is about to get even spookier because now we’re more capable than ever of using our devices to amplify our Halloween experience. Your phone can help you find the perfect costume, know where your kids are whilst trick-or-treating, create a spooky atmosphere at home and more. To put it simply, your smartphone is the ultimate Halloween accessory regardless of your costume.

Costume inspiration made easy

Instagram, Pinterest, or YouTube may be your go-to apps for some light entertainment or to catch up with what friends are up to. But during Halloween, these familiar apps can be a source of inspiration and a guide to creating the perfect look for your weekend. It can be a great idea to search Pinterest and Instagram for some general costume inspiration. After that, see if there are any video tutorials on YouTube to help you make or put together your costume – video tutorials are particularly useful if you’re opting for an ambitious make-up look.

21st century trick-or-treating

Ensure your kids are following their route with some digital assistance. There are a handful of tracking apps for parents available on the Appstore or the Play Store than can turn your child’s phone into a GPS for the night. Many of these apps allow you to set notifications if your child travels outside of a certain area. Alternatively, there are kid friendly smart watches on the market that you can connect to your phone for tracking. If it results in a safer environment conducive to everyone’s enjoyment, then it is certainly something you should consider looking into.

Halloween décor to make your neighbours jealous

If you’re looking for a way to create an extra spooky atmosphere for the unsuspecting trick-or-treaters approaching your home, consider using a smart speaker to add a dimension of sound. Whether you opt for the sounds of screams and cries, or simply some eerie ambient noise, you will help set the scene for a fun and frightening trick-or-treating experience.

Siri and Alexa’s scary stories

If you’re at home with your friends for Halloween and want to tell a few spooky tales in dim light to get you into the Halloween spirit, you can get your virtual assistant to give you some inspiration or just join in on the fun. Simply ask Siri or Alexa to tell you a scary story and you’ll hear a short Halloween appropriate (often humorous) tale. And if the horror stories get too much and you need to lighten the mood, you can ask for a joke instead. If you ask “Alexa, tell me a Halloween joke.” You’ll get some on-theme humour to relax the atmosphere.

Horror movie marathon in the palm of your hands

Finally, jump on your favourite streaming app, whether it’s Netflix, Stan or Amazon Prime and line up a few horror films. It’s a great way to keep your Halloween plans simple. It can keep you occupied while you wait for trick-or-treaters to come by, or it can just make for a chill night with you and your friends. If you’ve got a smart tv, a mini projector, or the ability to cast your phone onto your television screen, then you can turn it into a more cinematic viewing experience.

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