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For better or worse, we live in a world of complete digital visibility. Our thoughts are streamed in 140 characters, our meals are colour-boosted and displayed for envious approval and – like the old days of the schoolyard – our friends can make or break our identities.

Sure, some may call it superficial, but social media is a bedrock component of our modern lives: it’s how we get news, seek inspiration and even find new career paths. As such, it’s important to acknowledge that the social media version of yourself is just as important as the real life one.

Now, to be clear, taking pride in your social media persona doesn’t mean you have to dedicate every waking moment to your profiles.

Instead, take advantage of the following tips (and new platform features) to give your profiles an expert, yet, “I woke up this way,” kind of look.

Use Boomerang to crush your next Instagram story

Stories are one of the hottest update in the mainstream social media world. A feature that was once exclusive to Snapchat, Stories allows Instagrammers to piece together a series of photo and video-worthy moments to create a 24-hour collage of their everyday lives.

Of course, constantly updating your Story with shareable content can hardly be considered “effortless,” so it’s useful to adopt a quality over quantity strategy — namely, using Boomerang to up your Story game.

Boomerang allows you to create video loops that can be both funny and aesthetically pleasing.

Enhance your story flow with Snapchat Memories

If you’ve ever created a true Snapchat Story, you know that it takes time and constant attention.

However, ever since the ephemeral messaging giant rolled out the Memories feature, creating awesome Stories has never been easier.

Memories allows you to upload photos to your Story from your camera roll. That means, you no longer have to decide whether a photo or video fits the theme of your Story as soon as you shoot it. Memories lets you upload after the fact, or – if you’re a total pro – pre-record moments that you know will be useful in your daily narrative, but difficult to shoot on-the-spot. With the help of Memories, you can make your Stories feel smart and in-the-moment without ruining the moment.

Find organic uses for Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a tough nut for the average person to crack. On one hand, you need to stream a moment that’s long enough for several people to join. On the other, you need a strong “plot” (for lack of a better word) that will keep viewers interested and watching.

Unless you’re a full-time video producer, those are two fairly large and time-sucking hurdles. However, a careful examination of your daily activities can help you pinpoint a few optimal Facebook Live moments.

Start by taking pressure off yourself — you don’t need to use Facebook Live every day. This approach should immediately rule-out unworthy activities like doing your laundry or walking to work. Then, think about the most exciting thing you’ll do all week. Heading to the museum? Trying to beat the Saltines Challenge? Those are the kinds of events that deserve a live look-in.

No big productions, no hours of scripting, just your normal life and the record button. Simple.

Add a summary to your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn pros will tell you, the easiest way to make a splash on your profile page is to write a smart, pithy summary statement. Think of it as 100 words where you can show off who you really are as a person, peppered with some professional info as well.

The summary is the first thing recruiters see after your name and current position, so it’s not real estate that should be taken lightly or (more commonly) left blank.

Challenge yourself to create an elevator pitch for your career, and don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through. Quickly cover your talking points, then throw in one of your hobbies or a work-appropriate joke. You’ll increase your chances of a job offer – even if you aren’t looking – almost instantly.

Become a multi-platform publishing ace

It can be exhausting to keep up with all of your active profiles at once – a short statement for Twitter, a filtered photo for Facebook and Instagram, a video for Snapchat, etc.

What many forget (or fail to realise altogether) is that the most popular social media platforms support various kinds of content. In other words, you can shoot a video of a jaw-dropping concert and publish it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat all at once. No more thinking-up platform-specific ways to document the same event.

Once you master simultaneous multi-platform publishing, you can easily expand your social reach across your major profiles, making it feel like you’re in several (digital) places at once, even though you barely lifted a finger.

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