Technology is constantly changing, and Business Analyst Jackie Archer is at the frontline. We sit down with her and find out what it’s really like. Thinking of your next career move? See what opportunities are available with us.

What do you do here at Vodafone?

I’m a Business Analyst in the Networks team. This involves working with stakeholders from teams around the organisation  to gather their requirements for particular projects or initiatives. I also look at how systems will  work, and what other changes and training will be required. We then collate this information into a business requirements document.

The exciting part about being a Business Analyst is that any work you do has an impact and the changes are always for the better. The work we are doing for the transformation to the Telco Cloud is really exciting – the way we work is changing and the technology we use for our work is evolving. Seeing that happen and knowing I’m a piece of that puzzle is pretty exciting.

What is work life like for you at Vodafone?

Every day in the office is different and the people really make it a great place to work. I always feel supported but challenged which is important to me because I don’t like things to be easy all the time. The people I get to work with internally and externally are brilliant and smart; this means I’m constantly on a learn-and-grow journey myself. I’m also able to work flexibly when I need to and am part of great networks like Women in STEM.

Tell me more about Women in STEM

I lead  the Women in STEM Network here at Vodafone (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). We work with schools, universities and other organisations to look at how we can increase gender diversity in these disciplines. Currently there are not enough women in STEM disciplines, and there is not enough female talent in this pool to create that balance. Our program doesn’t just work with women at Vodafone, we also work with schools and universities and other organisations to create a pipeline and build a community so we can foster growth for women who work in STEM, women who want to work in STEM and girls interested in STEM disciplines.

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