Coming from a retail store and working his way through the company has given NSW and ACT State Manager Matthew Hogg real perspective and insight into how to lead successful teams.

What do you do here at Vodafone?

I’m the State Manager for our retail stores in NSW and ACT and I lead a team of about 350 people. I act as a bridge between what happens in store and what happens in the business world. That’s anything from communicating new products, supporting teams to best help customers to engaging people through growth opportunities.

How do you motivate your people to work well?

Being open 7 days a week with a steady flow of customers, we try and invent different ways to keep people motivated and engaged. It’s not just about people walking in and selling a phone to them.

We have regular awards, monthly and quarterly. We find that positive recognition and reinforcement can really drive the right behaviour. We often host ‘Hype Nights’ where we have about 300 people in a room, the whole of NSW and ACT, and I’ll acknowledge the people who have performed well. For our high achievers, or as we call it “retail legends” we reward them with an amazing trip away which I’ve also had the pleasure of going as well.

We spend a lot of time encouraging and supporting our people to move into leadership positions. That drives motivation and appreciation for the company.

What is work life like here at Vodafone?

I’ve been here 15 years, and I’m only 35 so that’s a big chunk of my life, so needless to say I love my job. I’m still here because Of the people I work with and the inspiration I’ve had from leaders at Vodafone.

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