As a proud major sponsor of the 2017 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Vodafone Red Wire takes five with six must-see acts—and rifles through their phones (with permission, we promise). Vote for your favourite show in the Vodafone People’s Choice Awards for your chance to win one of five daily $100 Comedy Festival vouchers. Plus, go into the running to win a trip for two to Hong Kong for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow!

Sammy J

You know him from: ‘Sammy J & Randy’ and ABC’s Playground Politics.

Appearing sans-Randy, Sammy’s biosketch Hero Complex is a masterfully written musical show full of twists, turns, and throwback photos. After leaving Hero Complex with smile on face, tear in eye, and showbag in hand, I can thoroughly recommend catching the show during this year’s Comedy Fest.

See Hero Complex at the Melbourne Comedy Festival. Tickets: $25 – $38

Sammy’s phone is… full of data and enjoys lightning-fast 4G on the Vodafone network 😉  “Power to me!”

Show us your selfie: “Here’s a shot of me licking Melbourne’s Lord Mayor”

Sammy J Selfie with Lord mayor

Mae Martin

You know her from: BBC Radio 4’s Mae Martin’s Guide to 21st Century Sexuality

Toronto-born, London-based Mae Martin is fast becoming an internationally adored festival favourite. Her cherubic, Beiberesque features are offset by her subversive, offbeat sensibility. Riffing about dark childhood games and crushing social anxiety, she somehow remains adorable throughout.

See Dope at the Melbourne Comedy Festival. Tickets $28 – $30

Show us your selfie:

“Here’s me swimming with Crocodiles last week in Darwin. This one shows them lowering me in and them teasing the crocodile with raw meat. I wasn’t expecting to feel how much it hated me, but I could really feel it in the eye contact.”

A post shared by Mae Martin (@hooraymae) on

Mae’s phone…

…is always keeping her up, so I activated Do Not Disturb for her. “I love Instagram, it’s very visual and you get that nice hit of Dopamine when you see the pretty pictures.”

Larry Dean

You know him from: Live from the BBC (BBC 2), Live at the Comedy Store (Comedy Central)

Larry Dean is a wickedly funny Glaswegian who just might make you snort your drink through your nose. Unassuming at first glance, Dean will soon surprise you as he whips out blue zingers and dips between accents with ease. A natural born storyteller, Dean’s amassed a cult following around the UK, which is really no surprise. He can even do a pretty decent Pauline Hanson.

See Farcissist at the Melbourne Comedy Festival. Tickets are $28.00 – $29.50

Larry’s phone is…

…not at good as his old Motorola, apparently. “Why don’t they make a smartphone that’s like a flip phone? I want to pretend I’m in Men in Black again.”

Show us your selfie: For someone who doesn’t take a lot of selfies, this one is pretty adorable…

Larry Dean selfie comedian


Cam Knight

You know him from: Cohosting Nine’s Unreal Estate

Cam Knight is one of Australia’s most recognisable comics. You’ve probably seen his signature pearly whites on Soul Mates, How Not to Behave, or witnessed his irreverent antics on The Today Show. Knight’s act, however, is a whole lot cheekier than what his lifestyle TV audiences may be accustomed to.

See Momentous at The Melbourne Comedy Festival. Tickets are $25 – $27.50

Cam’s phone…

…is indestructible, having just survived a dip in the toilet thanks to a misadventure with his young son.

Show us your selfie: Here’s a super-cute snap of Cam and his son in duck form.

Danielle Walker

You know her from: RAW Comedy, where she was recently crowned 2016 National Champion.

Twenty-four-year-old call centre worker by day, stand-up comic by night, Townsville-born Danielle is equal parts sweetness and dark humour. One of Australia’s most promising young stand-ups, Danielle is one busy bee: she spends her time performing, painting, and these days, podcasting:

“I do a fair few podcasts, and they’re really fun cause you’re on their with your friends. I’m making one at the moment called Hello Toots with Laura Dunemann and Sarah Hawksworth at Triple R studios and we’ll release them in a few months on iTunes, then we’ll post it on social media.”

See Danielle in The Comedy Zone. Tickets are $19.50 – $26.

 Danielle’s phone…

… has no password! Oh, to be so young and carefree!

Show us your selfie:

“Me and my friend Rohan took a photo with this dude we found at the festival who looks like my friend, Lewis.”

Danielle Walker selfie

Rizal van Geyzel

You know him from: Well, you might not know him yet, but he’s pretty big in Malaysia.

Rizal (or Riz, for short) is one of the biggest acts in Kuala Lumpur’s burgeoning comedy scene. Enamoured of Melbourne’s stand up scene, Riz actually owns a comedy club back home. Spending his days ruffling feathers among his sometimes uptight Malaysian banking crowd, Riz has a really unique, ‘woke’ perspective, and a knack for skewing cultural norms. If you’re looking to check out some new acts, his set in Comedy Zone Asia Westside is definitely worth watching.

See Riz in Comedy Zone Asia. Tickets are $22 – $34

His phone…

… is fully loaded with What’s App and Wayz. He’s what we, in the telco biz, call an ‘early adopter.’

Show us your selfie: “This is a ‘we-fi’ right? This is a term I learnt recently.”

Riz Comedy Zone Asia


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