Fun is not usually a word used associated with procurement, but it’s exactly the one that Procurement Assistant Melinda Maitland uses. Want to join in on the fun? Check out what opportunities are available with Vodafone.

What do you do here at Vodafone?

I’m a Procurement Assistant, which involves working with suppliers, negotiating contracts and on-boarding them.

I’ve had the opportunity to support large RFPs – request for proposals, which are huge pieces of work. We work closely with business areas that are looking at getting a new supplier for something, so it’s understanding who’s in the market, reaching out to those suppliers, reaching out to all the different business units within Vodafone to get together and understand what we want from this new supplier.

What’s work life like here at Vodafone?

Great! I have a really awesome team.  It’s probably the first time anyone’s heard a supply chain called fun. It’s nice to be surrounded by likeminded individuals with good personalities.

What’s your biggest achievement here at Vodafone?

I ran the first ever supplier all-hands, where we got our top suppliers in a room and had our executive team share our strategy for the year. This helped our suppliers know what our focus is and what we want to deliver on for the year. It’s a great way for them to interact with Vodafone and to help the suppliers feel like they’re working closely with us.

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