Work conferences are a great opportunity to create meaningful business connections. To help you break the ice with other delegates, there are many tools and tactics in the palm of your hand. Check out our tips for maximising your conference experience by using your mobile device to network and engage with others.

Broaden your network with LinkedIn

Regardless of whether or not you have previously worked with a business contact, LinkedIn has made connecting with your network even easier. Let your LinkedIn profile do the talking for you, clearly and concisely presenting your work history and achievements. Don’t be afraid to add people on LinkedIn to keep in touch with them, and ensure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date and complete. You can even promote your attendance at the event on your LinkedIn profile and see who else is attending to increase your knowledge of the people you’ll be networking with.

Research speakers at events

Take advantage of conversation opportunities with relevant leaders in your industry by doing some prior online research on them. By viewing their LinkedIn profiles, published works and social media for hobbies and interests, you will have a conversation starter, and this may also help you guide the conversation toward relevant topics. Any background research will also give you the advantage of fostering stronger relationships with these people if you have common interests or specialties.

Download relevant conference apps

On top of the ability to view timetables, speaker biographies, conference maps and other key information, many conference apps also give you the opportunity to connect directly with other delegates. Don’t be afraid to use this functionality – you could catch up for a quick coffee in between seminars or arrange a formal business meeting once the conference meeting has finished.

Take advantage of other networking apps

Whether you’re using Skype, Whatsapp or even traditional SMS, being able to quickly and conveniently contact your business peers is helpful for organising further meetings and discussions over the course of the conference. These forms of communication also offer group calls and messages, which can allow multiple associates to engage each other in an easy and beneficial manner.

Follow up with the people you meet

Always, always, always follow up with appropriate delegates that you’d like to continue the conversation. Whether you’re inviting them to discuss business over a coffee or simply connecting with their social media accounts online, these small steps can make a world of difference.

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