Getting your business off the ground can be daunting at the best of times. Luckily there are some simple hacks that will help you keep those profit margins plump. Read on below to find out our six favourite money-saving tips for small businesses.

1. Explore low-cost advertising options

Ensuring your business is present and accessible to customers online is really important, and for the most part free, through social media and Google My Business. Of course, you can still support these channels with advertising spend when necessary. Public relations can also be a great way to build awareness about your business by leveraging other platforms. Plus, in a world where content is fast becoming very valuable to develop trust and engagement with your business, many small businesses are moving away from traditional media to favour inbound marketing methods to bring people to their business, using content marketing.

2. Find sponsors for your events

Events are a big part of attracting new customers but also rewarding current ones too. Regular events help maintain a brand presence but also help expand your customer base. Enlisting sponsors for events in return for advertising is a great way of ensuring your costs stay low. Partnering with reputable sponsors is also a great way to raise your own business profile too.

3. Stop paying for your business landline service

The landline phone is becoming a more outdated technology, but the landline number still has a lot of importance to businesses, especially those with a long history with its customer-base. That’s why Vodafone Mobile Landline allows you to re-route all incoming landline calls to your Vodafone mobile number and streamline your customer engagement, reduce overall costs and still uphold that professional image that a landline brings to your business. What’s more, currently you can bring your landline number to Vodafone for $0/mth (was $5/mth), when you sign up with an ABN to one of our $45 or more Red, Red Plus Plan, SIM Only 12 Month or SIM Only 12 Month Plus Plans1. If you sign up to a Red Plan, this offer is available for the duration of your chosen mobile payment plan period, and if you sign up to a 12-month SIM Only plan, it is available for the duration of your plan. Ask in-store or call our team on 1300 111 111 to find out more! T&Cs apply. Offer ends 25.09.19.

4. Migrate to the cloud

Cloud-based services are a great way forward for small businesses. Avoid expensive hardware options that need constant maintenance and choose data-hosting services that are based in the cloud and usually require just one annual subscription, with good support options. The benefits of cloud computing include automatic software updates, increased collaboration, the ability to work from anywhere with an internet connection, and reducing the cost of hardware.

5. Save time to save money

Four is the new five when it comes to working days in a week. More and more small businesses are looking into four-day week contracts, finding that an engaged workforce can increase efficiency, while giving employees a better work-life balance. In return, it has the potential to help you save on utility and salary costs.

6. Save on shipping

Don’t settle for one price when it comes to your shipping needs. It’s important to constantly check and compare shipping prices, negotiating new deals and saving wherever possible. Saving a small amount per item shipped can quickly add up to large sums of money when added up.

With these simple tips, you’ll be saving costs on your business in no time!

Interested in connecting your business to Vodafone? Check out our latest business plans online, or give our team a call today on 1300 111 111. Alternatively, you can leave your details in the form below and our team will organise a call back to talk through your needs.

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Terms and conditions
  1. Monthly Vodafone Mobile Landline Add-On (‘VML’) fee of $5 waived (‘Offer’) for customers (i) who sign-up or upgrade to a $45 Red Plan or SIM Only 12 Month Plan, $50 and above Red Plus Plan, or $50 and above SIM Only Plus 12 Month Plan (‘Eligible Plans’), (ii) have an ABN and have less than 10 Vodafone connections, and (iii) who opt-in to VML in their first month of connection. VML waived for as long as you remain connected to your chosen Mobile Payment Plan (‘MPP’) period (for Red Plans or Red Plus Plans), or for 12 months (for SIM Only 12 Month Plans or SIM Only 12 Month Plus Plans) (‘Discount Term’). At the end of the Discount Term, min monthly spend for VML is $5 plus applicable min monthly spend on Eligible Plan. Forfeited if you cancel. Excludes Business Flex and Business Advance plans. This Product is not available to customers who have a bundled internet and home phone line service. This Add-on does not come with a separate call allowance, it simply allows you to retain your existing Fixed Voice (business/home phone) Number service (‘FVN’) and supports unlimited incoming calls redirected to a Postpaid Voice service on the same account.  You will be unable to make outgoing calls using your FVN as all calls will be using your mobile device via the Vodafone Network. You will be charged for making outgoing calls from your mobile at the rate set out in your Voice Plan details. Only your FVN (business/home phone number) will be ported to Vodafone. Porting may result in loss of any services dependent on using the fixed voice service associated with that FVN (business/home phone number) including broadband, line sharing services, redirection or call waiting. Please check with your existing provider about these additional services and whether you will be required to pay any costs upon your number being transferred. If your eligible voice plan is cancelled, this Add-on will also automatically cancel, and you will lose access to your FVN. Min monthly spend is prorated when Add-on is purchased or cancelled part way through the billing month for your eligible voice plan. This Add-on is not shareable with other eligible voice plans on the same account. For full terms and conditions please refer to your Voice Plan or details.

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