“It’s pretty much all screen.” That’s what my friend said when we caught up for brunch on Saturday and I pulled out the phone. And he’s right. We recently got a sneak peek of the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ (which you can pre-order with Vodafone now), and I was fortunate enough to take it for a test spin over the weekend.

The first thing that stood out was definitely its 6.8” screen. I’ve used lots of different devices over the years, but never a Samsung Galaxy Note device – and the Infinity-O display is just beautiful. Even simple things like getting directions from Google Maps to meet my friend was clearer and so much more pleasant on the Note10+.

The set up

I love AMOLED screens – they allow individual pixels to turn off and on, giving you true blacks. I particularly love making my phone’s screens as dark as possible, not only to save battery but it feels a bit easier on my eyes. So of course, the first thing I did with the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ was to turn on Night Mode and change the wallpapers. Luckily the Note10+ comes with some beautiful, mostly black wallpapers for the lock screen and home screens. Combined with the always on display allowing me to check the time and see what notifications have come through without unlocking it, and I was ready to hit the road.

Camera love

Brunch in Strathfield led to a walk through Ballast Point Park with my brother and his fiancé. It was a sunny yet windy afternoon, but the park had views of Sydney harbour, with twists and turns and plenty of secret spots. I took a few snaps and noticed the camera really brought out the colours and details beautifully, and the zoom lens proved useful to get that little bit closer to the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

We soon headed over to Crow’s Nest to their favourite ramen joint for dinner. We stood in the queue for a good ½ hour, but the wait is always worth it – a bowl of pork and fish broth ramen with pork slices and egg. The camera captures this bowl of deliciousness well, even in the dimly lit ramen joint.

 Adventures with the Ultra-Wide camera feature

It’s now Sunday, a little bit warmer and I’m off to Coogee for another catch up. We grab a burger and my first ever Irish chips – hot chips with salt and vinegar. They were soggy, yet a bit crispy – it sounds strange, but the vinegar really cuts through the greasiness of it and it’s surprisingly good. As we headed back to the city on a bus, I decided to test out the super-slow-motion camera. 960fps makes it seem like people are frozen in space – and it’s all on this device that fits in your pocket.

We stop by at the new underground Anzac Memorial in Hyde Park and this is where the ultra-wide camera really shone. The space isn’t small, but the main feature also isn’t small, and the ultra-wide camera captures it all in a way a standard camera couldn’t.

Speaker surprise

I headed home to cook dinner and decided to stream some music straight from the Samsung Galaxy Note10+. This was the biggest surprise for me – I was honestly blown away with the sound quality and volume. Even with a pot boiling and the exhaust fan on, I don’t need to have the speaker at maximum volume as I belt out some Missy Higgins, and that’s really saying something. If you use your phone’s speaker a lot, the Note10+ definitely impresses.

It just keeps going

Come bed time and I haven’t charged the Note10+ in over 30 hours, but it’s still got juice in it. This phone’s battery just keeps going, and I’m certainly not complaining. I leave it off charge overnight and it’s still going in the morning (quick tip – turning off mobile data overnight not only means you won’t be disturbed by unwanted notifications, but you’ll also save battery).

Speed king

Speed wise, I never noticed the device slow down or lag once. Even setting the screen resolution to the full 3040 x 1440, the Exynos 9825 processor blitzed its way through anything I threw at it.

A smart S Pen

Having never used a Samsung Galaxy Note device before, the S Pen definitely took a bit of learning. You can text with your handwriting, and the text recognition is surprisingly accurate, but my swipe typing on a keyboard is pretty quick already. What I did enjoy though was the ability to take photos remotely. A press on the S Pen button will take a snap, even when the pen is quite far from the phone. I can see this being useful for setting up and taking group shots, I just didn’t have any group shots that needed taking over the weekend. Plus, the click on the pen is honestly very satisfying.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed using the Samsung Galaxy Note10+. The beautiful Infinity Display, Super-Fast Processor, incredible battery life and array of pro-grade cameras really makes this device shine. Plus, if you find a 6.8” display a little too big, there’s always the Note10 with a smaller 6.3” display that’s 5.3mm narrower.

Interested in a Samsung Galaxy Note10 or 10+? Order yours with Vodafone today!


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