We’ve recently launched our new Vodafone Infinite Plans, giving you a generous allowance of Max Speed data, and thereafter infinite data at a speed tier you choose. With infinite data at speeds of up to 2, 10 or 25Mbps, here’s what’s new, how it works, and what it means for you.

What’s new?

Our new plans let you choose your infinite data at the speed that you need based on how you use your data, as well as giving you a generous inclusion of data that you can use at your Max Speed. There are three new speed tiers to choose from: Lite, Super and Ultra.

Which infinite data speed is right for me?

Are you someone who maybe streams music, browses the web and checks social media? If so, our Lite plans (with infinite data at speeds of up to 2Mbps) may suit you. Do you like to stream HD videos, and want your web browsing and social media to load quickly? Our Super plans (with infinite data at speeds of up to 10Mbps) may suit you best. Do you need a great video streaming experience, download large files and want to use cloud storage? Our Ultra plan (with infinite data at speeds of up to 25Mbps) is made for you.

What is infinite data?

It’s exactly what it sounds like – once you’ve used up your Max Speed data, the data goes on and on! The only difference is the speed of this data, which you choose when you select your plan.

How do these plans work in practice?

Well, say you’re on our Super+ Plan, which gives you 100GB at your Max Speed, then infinite data at speeds of up to 10Mbps. This means you get 100GB to use at the maximum speed we can provide your device at the time and place you’re using your data, and after that, you can use keep using infinite data at speeds of up to 10Mbps.

Why should I care about speed?

When all we talk about is how much data is included, you’ll always be checking your usage and restricting your scrolling and streaming because you might run out of data. Data limits are holding you back; our Vodafone Infinite plans set you free. Just pick the speed that’s right for how you use your phone, and you won’t have to worry about excess data charges in Australia.

Find out more about our Vodafone Infinite plans here or to find out more about what you can and can’t do at speeds of up to 2, 10 or 25Mbps head to vodafone.com.au/speedguide.

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